From an Engineer.To an Engineer.


Hey! My Life Transformer!!

I just ponder about that fated day when you were installed in my Hearts domain, hacked into my emotion’s namespace…

Completely breaking down all my circuit connections with the other girl/ girls( whichever is applicable)…  🙂 The moment the rays from your tender body fell upon the convex lens in my eyes…I knew it was the Eureka Moment…it’s gonna be a static binding forever…

My LEDs have given away their dim twitter- witter to emanate radiance like a fluorescence lamp..

However vehemently I may resist the electrons and protons of my feelings they simply suggest your name if every node in this linked-list is connected to one node that is YOU!!!… SQL queries just lead me to the one database that has all answers- that is YOU!!!

Well..if you ask me dear..I want to say, instead of repelling each  other like “Like Charges“…why can’t we just form a Cooper pair.

You are my Grignnards Reagent (R-Mg-‘X’ factor), my catalyst for all the organic and inorganic reactions of my life…

You’ve simply become Recursion for me….whatever branch the while loop takes …all the conditions are satisfied by only one input, i.e. YOU!!!

With this overflowing stack of feelings, I Query you today…” How can you be in Homoeostasis when all I have is Entropy?”…

“How can your Hardness Factor be so high in the ‘Mohs scale’ that even my Trojan Horse cannot gallop into your heart??….

I promise you can curb all my 6 degrees of freedom….and I assure you..I can adjust my frequency till eternity to lie in your Bandwidth of criterias…”

Look Darling.. I candidly admit…I have deleted all my past love/ loves 🙂 into the Recycle Bin, formatted all my past Entity Relationship Diagrams from my Hard Disk…”

Now, you are the only component of all my Memory Chips…

Even I have planned our cute little Binary Tree… with you and me forming our “HUM DO HAMARE DO….NANHE-MUNNE –ROM & RAM…”

Now don’t be a PUSH-PULL circuit whenI am pulling you close to me…just don’t push me away…

Please Sweetheart…Bubble-Sort all my dreams, concatenate my love with yours, Forward Bias my emotions…

Please don’t Quarantine my love for you…simply be my Quick Heal and heal my woes away… 🙂

Just Catch() my heart, when I Try() to Throw() it to you...

Because….YOU are the only Exception I want to handle….. all my life…


Yours forever…


17 responses to “From an Engineer.To an Engineer.

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  2. Pingback: My first Letter – Inguz

  3. vineeta agarwal

    an explicit way to showcast your feelings and knowledge………… excellently combined features of both at the same time………..thankyou for making us proud engineers…….

  4. the most lovely love letter one can ever write for ur loved ones………….

  5. Great comparision between your thoughts and your engineering skills!

  6. thank such appreciation…
    smtimes it makes me apprehensive i realy deserve it..

  7. a gr8 combination of artistry n tht u r finally done n appreciated for wht u hav done,its like a part of urself tht u ve put together..i think a lot of people here feel tht way….i can finally chant a slogan…..JAY BPUT…….

  8. ya may b…Mr. Yazdan..
    its written in away so that a ‘techie layman ‘ can understand..
    bt then i dnt think..jus a 12 th guy wud understand every bit of it!!

  9. yeh toh bahut technical hai yeh bai…heee.hee…… Overall grt job accomplished encompassing various subjects….. only analysis that i could do in it is that ur favourite subject among all these must have been data structures….. hee.heee…. waise just for ur info in Grignnards Reagent (R-Mg-’X’ factor), the first component is ‘R’……hee.heee 🙂

  10. i agree with RD that it is wonderfully written….

    and yeah… about the header, basically it is for students who studied science till 12th… mostly…

    isnt it miss pamela…??

  11. although the header warns the content is for engineeers, i thought to make an attempt to go through. yes, i am not an engineer, but still i could understand most of it. wonderfully written. pamela, as usual, you have written it excellent.

    • Thank you rajshekhar sir!
      im soo happy that u read my blog!!
      aapke padhne se mera blog dhanya hua sir!!
      sach much!!

  12. yeah….. great work though…..
    and yeah… i m sure Daddy would not mind…. 😀

    I still have not been able to showcase my learning in the engg, so i think i shud too think of something…. he he he….

    I will make a movie i think… sci-fi… 😀

    and i will need u to write dialogues for my movie…. ok…?? agreed..??

  13. This isn’t a letter from anybody to anybody!! 😛
    It is actually an entry written by me for a Technical love-letter writing contest..!!

    I hope i Have done a fair job in representing my Engg career..if nt through my career at least through my proficiency in writing Techie Love letters!!!

    I hope my Daddy doesn’t mind..!

  14. The range of subjects u have covered here is very very wide… i even dont remember most of these subjects now… 😀
    wow… its really great….

    just out of curiosity, who got this letter and from whom…?? 😛

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