The tale of a desperate blogger!

Well..this could be just a random post for most of you….so i warn you to proceed precariously if you have little time to spare….

but then  I need to boast and boast outrightly NOW to massage my long burrowed ego 😛 !!

N here I go…. 😀

Most  people read only as much in life as would enable them to keep in touch with the alphabets!!…(Sorry no offence people.. but yeah even i become so when it comes to my academic texts!!)…

In this world where time is money… something called books and blogs and that too of mere mortals like me, seem as interesting as buffaloes to most! 😦

Here …I have been writing for over an year now…and have been distributing my link like crazy sophomores do !! but to no avail…. 😦

A millinumber would bother to ever read that url 😦 ….a nanonumber would type it onto their keyboards ….a piconumber would be scared by the length of the articles and close it slam shut!….a femtonumber would read it with ‘remarkable endurance’  ….and ofcourse….the remaining….will drop in a generous COMMENT,  follow, vote or like my posts…and colour my plume!! huh!!! 😀 🙂

I wanna say thanx to all those..those last ones especially..who keep me going…:D

THANK YOU for your generosity!!!

apart from my family and needless to say my Sis Nickie blog would be a forbidden jungle of words for the rest…..

AND this post of mine is dedicated to her for being such a cutie darling to me throughout my tough times!!

without an iota of encouragement from the real hard world that scrutinises you each moment of your life…i would question each of my motives…n each of my moves behind blogging…

“Do I blog to give a face to the ME in me….? Do I blog that people would say ..oooo you write awesome?…Do I blog, thinking that somebody ……in some corner of this damn big crazy world, will drop in a minute to tell me that an anonymous gal from a rustic corner of India matters to them…???? ” 😦

….errr….God knows what and what not!!

with each hour spent on one post…i would spend 2 hours waiting for a comment to drop in…refreshing the page each minute with the curiosity of a child…atlast giving up…ringing home and begging daddy and Golu (my Sis) to drop in a comment (without sometimes reading it if they donot have ample time!!) 😦

But then… Niki would always be my ardent follower..pour down her gracious words..full of praises on my blog…It would lift my sunken soul each time I was low…and I would certainly read and re-read her lines whenever I opened my blog…

The best part was she adored me and idolized whatever right or wrong I did…n would always openly declare how she was my Fan and would like to grow up into a “second Rocky nani” !!

Candidly i would confess that I love her chaste adulation!! 😛

So then one day she too started blogging ( …I would share with her whatever little I knew about being a blogger..with the plain joy of being a naive blogger myself!

But then the trauma of waiting for an acknowledgement haunt her hard…as hard as it had haunt me too…

She had begun as a bubbly beginner…and soon blossomed into a budding author…  But then like me she wanted people to notice that she was no more the sleepy bud…the flower had bloomed…and It had to spread its fragrance….

Then there was this phase ..which may be every blogger goes through perhaps at least once….. withering from Passionate to Passive….

She continued while I took a sabbatical in october…sacrificing my passion for a long cherished dream….  Writing never ate my time…what ate it up was thinking about whether anybody would bother to read this post…if they would…will they like it…and the fantasies of featuring someday in the ” Best of Freshly Pressed posts of WordPress”….that of winning a Booker prize…and la…laaaa laaaaa….. 🙂 😀

then I thought..SO BE IT….I’m gonna have a siesta….I knew nobody was going to notice it anyway…jokes apart miss me!!

So the siesta transformed into slumber with the assured mannerisms of an employee who sleeps in his office with great confidence..knowing he would never be called upon for any work! 😛

But then she woke me up with her woes….  a mail from her splashed the water onto my face and while trying to open up her eyes…I managed to open up mine too…

I mailed her with high…hale…hearty words…and her unquestionable trust on me worked wonders…

She was happy…and continued..and as if to reinforce her trust on me her Fan following took on a killer spree!!..

It was then that I realized….we are all born great orators..only if we could become as passionate listeners as well!!

had I followed a speck of what I had advised her with such great a gusto…wouldn’t I have been as much happier??

I shook off my dormancy and blogged again…

this timed pretending to have become a zealous blogger..who blogs because she wants to blog….because she wants to give shape to her thoughts and give wings to her expressions….because she wants to rediscover herself being lost in the ocean of words….

Ofcourse…it made a difference…and I could feel it 🙂

comments flowed in ..not as much as Niki’s…but then certainly noticeable enough….

Mean while I discovered something called a FlagCounter to show the number of visitors to the blog…against their respective National flags… 🙂

and then one fine day…while I waited with bated breath to get just one more comment on my latest posts…..I got her mail…..

there were no comments on my blog…but the ecstasy of her mail was no less than perpetual delight.. 😀

I had never have been able to boast being a Glorious Big Blogger!!

But here I was puffed up in pride of being a Great Big Sister!! 🙂

Thanx to my Sweetheart…

Here goes her mail…..

I would read and reread her mail..each day until today..when I thought of bragging about it… 🙂

I can sense…how being acknowledged and cared for feels….as I wait with fingers crossed for my FlagCounter to increase each moment…!! 😛

It has robbed me off my sleep….and with eyes wide open I cook up ideas for my next post…the thirst for a little acknowledgement….. a generous comment, making me  desperately whisper ….”OOO dear just One more!!!…..”  

24 responses to “The tale of a desperate blogger!

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  2. A momentous day in the history of mankind!!… 😛
    coz my readers number 1001 today!
    got 10 subscribers too!!
    kudos Pamela! 😛

  3. Thanx Megha..
    loved to read ur comment…
    Got to read ur blog too.
    great beginning dear!

  4. Hey didi…nice 2 read dis…it z so factual, so serene n ofcourse smthng dat comes so mch as a spontaneous flow, an attribute of a true writer n yes a desperate blogger.. 😉

  5. Yipppeeee! today is a great day!
    I got to have 100 visitors from india!!
    Kudos Pamela 😛

  6. hehhehe! thanx a lot dear!
    must say even u are a terrific writer 🙂
    amazed I am!

  7. Nicely written post! REALLY, really nice! Thanks for visiting my blog too and I’m glad I got to read yours. So here goes another comment for your blog! 🙂

  8. Hi Shayna! Thanx a lot for such wonderful insights.
    I would like to tell u that i really liked your pointers because they tell me that somebody is interested in my work.
    The critic always helps as it lets us know that somebody took u seriously enough to take time and scrutinize ur efforts.
    I will certainly try to mark your words while trying to maintain the individuality I have been nurturing out and out. 🙂
    I got to see ur blog too. Its a wonderful collection I must admit!
    great going dear!
    N yeah I wud try to ensure that my readers enjoy as much while reading as I do while writing. 🙂
    thanx a lot for visiting!

  9. Hi there, you have a nice blog, but I figured I’d give you a couple of pointers.

    I know these are no fun, but I think you need to improve the small grammatical details in your writing, like capitalization and punctuation. Mostly I’m talking about punctuation; I think you use a bit too much of these: … (sorry I can’t remember what they’re called, but the thing with 3 periods, :D) Also, don’t use too many end markers. Don’t use 2 exclamation points when 1 could easily do the trick. The same thing for question marks, as you could easily use one instead of five and still convey the same thing.

    Also, try to refrain from using too many emoticons, as this can make your writing look less professional and instead look more like a chat message.

    Hope I helped, and keep writing and improving your skills!

  10. Waoh!! Woah!! It seems one of the longest parties on your life, if not then it got to be…. Amazing!! Simply Amazing!! I believe I have already mentioned that no-matter whatever you scribble, its gonna be a masterpiece… For Sure…. Now your have led me to an ambiguity that if a pen is mightier than the sword, then a blog must be mightier than the pen and the blogger….. THE MIGHTIEST. Keep it up.. God bless……

  11. Hi di..,was waiting 4 ur next article.Its again a fabulous one…hv become a fan of yours..
    “You ROCK Rocky nani.”

  12. Hi Pamela,

    I have read ur blog for the first time and I m really surprised.
    Let me first share my thoughts on the ways and the no. of time I was surprised by ur surprising facts. The day when I saw you first time in the class I thought you are from Delhi or any nearby area. I got first surprise when I come to know that you are from Odisha. Then my thought was you must be a fresher (due to ur styles). Now it was turn for the second surprise that u r an experienced person. Third surprise came when my thinking of you as a simple, conservative girl was smashed by ur funny and straight words with the ability to create and promote friendly environment and who takes a lot of initiatives by ur own . Fourth surprise was that you are very good odissi dancer as well. Now the latest one , ur this side of ur life as Rocky nani (doing blogging). With all due respect, I appreciate ur blog. Salute dear allrounder.

    Maani gali saanga maani gali.

    • Hahahahaa….thanx a lot!!
      well im also surprised by such keen observations 😛
      n thanx for that compliment..conservative..simple…:) i really like being that… 🙂

  13. Again a FABULOUS ONE didi….have become a fan of yours……m inspired to write blogs..
    “You rock… Rocky nani”.

  14. Thoughts nicely wooven with words. Great as usual.Keep writing.

  15. I’ve a good news. My writing has been published on The website gets over a 1000 readers everyday. Isn’t that cool?

  16. I’ve no words to say……….I’m on the verge of crying……I had never thought that I’ll be the star of your post!
    Thanks for giving me so much love and care……and I love you too…..I’m a great fan of yours, so I’ve subscribed to your blog!
    Again thank you sooooo much!
    Love you a lot!

  17. Pammy ur blogs are really mind blowing. Since many days I could not comment on ur previous blogs due to work load of my job but really I get deep into your blogs and can not leave without complementing and praising the author for the commendable effort in putting the thoughts.
    In one word ” U r really a gr8 blogger”

  18. wow… just another superb post…. 🙂 well done…

    • Thanx a being a persistent visitor.. 🙂
      the encouragement realy helps…
      bt do i knw surprised..i usualy dont hav even known traffic on my blog….:P

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