Come back Home…

Daddy I'm waiting

Daddy I’m tired of closing my eyes…
please come out if you’re hiding and let me hide.
Daddy you are cheating, don’t you realize?
Daddy please hug me and take me by your side…

Daddy, I promise I would always get an ‘A+’…
Daddy, I promise whenever you say ‘No’ I would never fuss…

Daddy please stop hiding…
Trust me daddy…my eyes are hurting….

without you

It’s raining again…
and you are not here.
They tell me you’re gone.
and I should learn to bear.

I want to see that whacky smile on Raina’s face….
I want to simper at her Question..and Ignore when she says..
” Mommy what are you doing…”

I want to close my umbrella and get into yours…
I want you to chide  me..” Grow up Dear! it’s been 12 years…
The kid is watching…can’t you behave??…
Stop being silly, stupid and naive!”

I promise I would never badger you with tea..when you want your coffee..
I promise when you get late… I would never get huffy.
I can’t believe you are gone…and  why should I?
they can never force me to bid you good bye…

The coffee is getting cold…
Please come back home.

It’s raining again..
and I am alone…

Come back son

Son, don’t you think you punished me a bit too more…
It’s been ages now that I am waiting at the door…

Come back home, you promised you will…
There’s a torturing silence no shriek could kill.

I promise you, I would never pick a strife…
She’s as much my daughter as she’s your wife…

I swear I would never smuggle sugar into my tea…
just tell me that you will never leave me.

She’s young , and pale and draped in white…
I can just beg God to take away my sight.

I try pestering her to stir a dispute…
But the day you were gone she has resolved to be mute.

Why did you give me this agony I never before knew?
Son if can’t come back, please take me with you….
Please Son, take me with you…

P.S:     The Mumbai blasts shook the world a bit and India a bit more…But it shook beyond repair,the families who lost their whole world with it ….

With more such instances on the rise in the world over…In India, in Norway..just to name a few recent ones… I ponder how has man forgotten to be human?

The one who goes is somebody’s son, somebody’s Father, somebody’s everything…as much as the one who stays and kills….

How can they overlook this greater similarity and pick up a difference that doesn’t even exist??

I could do nothing more than just write and So I did…and I want some people to know that they can do much more than just Hate.

May god bless the departed souls… and May God bless the ones who departed with their loved ones but are bound to stay back.

29 responses to “Come back Home…

  1. Congratz Mam on ur grand success in civil services.After watching “Super 26” programme in otv i came to know about your blog .Really this is very heart touching poem and the theme of the poem will bring tear in every one’s eye who will read this poem.Mam I like your unique cretivity of writing.

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  3. Best one my sister. Really I can’t believe that you have such a wonderful thought and also a heart touching feeling …Thumbs UP my dear ….I’m proud of you. God bless you .

  4. This poem touches the heart of every one….
    its a lesson for the human!

  5. dear i was really moved while reading his…..salute to all all those who sacrificed their lives for the country…..i salut ur feelings too…may god bless u and keep writting….ur writings an bring a change in people

  6. Now this is what I was looking for. You just nailed it.
    I just hope that who ever goes through this particular post of yours, shall take a step further by not only appreciating your wonderful words, but also by making sure that PEACE is effectively promoted in this so called society. To reach PEACE, just teach PEACE.
    God bless.

  7. Thanx dear for dropping by!
    the encouragement from each of u is such ecstasy for me .. i can never express..

  8. vineeta agarwal

    a really heart touching poem………….. poem would just be a mere word to define it………. its much more than that…… i would really say di that u have got a wonderful gift of expessions……….. an excellent piece of art…

  9. Very well written and very powerful. Keep on writing!

  10. We also have experienced the same situation in our country. I’m so happy to say that it’s all over and we are in peace now. But I can understand how you feel. Touching words and thank you very much for letting others know a side that they often don’t see.

    • Thanx Jaan.
      I’m touched by ur gracious acknowledgement.
      Yes, we can not do much but just love the mankind and pray for peace everywhere.
      Hope people understand the simplest lessons of all..”Empathy”..
      thanx again.

  11. nicely put into words.
    Highly appreciated effort..

  12. ek adura sawal hai,
    ek dhundla sa khwab hai.
    kya aise hi hai hame jeena,
    kya yahi insaaf hai….

    I just have a vision, that one day we all will be in peace.

    God bless all the departed.


  13. Heart Touching…

  14. your blog was one of the few important things i missed during recent past. hope u r doing fine. your words made me stop thinking for a while. stopped ‘coz my mind went blank and just blank. then i wept for a few long minutes. still my mind is numb. your words were so thouching, that i still feel the pain. i wish the world without those few who made many lose their world.


    • Thank you soo much sir! my blog missed your reviews’s been a while actually..
      It felt really exhilarating to read ur review..especially a one as intense as this.
      Thanx again.

  15. Nice poem………but I couldn’t make out the theme exactly….

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  17. Pen is mightier than sword,this is reflected in this piece of writting. Should be published so that many can read.Great going.

  18. Really a touching one..brought tears i my eyes…
    Nothing to say more.May God bless one and all.


    • Thanx Daddy…
      But u need not ever cry…even if u do I will make sure I’m not the reason.
      I may not get all success that you wish for me but i will certainly try and become as good a person as u are.
      Love U daddy….

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