Speak Less.Say More!

I had to write this anyway…Because someday soon I had to take an oath not to babble too much. That fortunate/ unfortunate day I think turned up today. No special turning point defined it though.But I had to pledge to stuff my stupid mouth shut. But then having shut my mouth I still need to babble and so I blog.

I suffer from a deadly disease called “Pressure of Speech”. You would notice it soon when having a one on one conversation with me. I speak. Then you speak. Then I speak again and you pause. But when you pause I begin analyzing…..why is she/he not speaking up…is she/he expecting me to speak up? Am I being rude or moody by staying mum….doesn’t it sound strange… this silence…..????!!” And there I go filling in the few seconds gap with my musical melody or honestly put…mentally sickening malady!

The point is I could have dreamt of becoming the President of India had my extremely efficient vocal system got some snag. The tongue toggles too often as it has to make some point at every point, however pointless the point  might be. Things get worse as I am a girl and that explains all.

So without beating around the bush and writing this junk above, all I wanted to say is…….

Rather all I SHOULD just say is , Today I pledged to myself, “SHUT UP PAMELA!!!”

From being an Agony Aunt to a Conscience Constable I would experience as many roles in the 24 hours of a day that even no Bollywood heroine would have played in the entire span of her career.

A friend’s friend’s friend had a break up with her ‘only’ Boyfriend…how could I stop myself from consoling?? Some have their too busy children with even busier grand children and have nothing to look forward to across the day….So shouldn’t I share a little laugh?? She got her first salary…he needs a little advice…She doesn’t know whom to confide in…He doesn’t know whom to say that to……SOOOO what?? THERE’S PAMELA 🙂

Smiling at a sea of faces or sulking at somebody’s sorrow I would be the Epitome of Empathy. Ofcourse I loved being “The Chosen One” …..but later It drove me crazy ….”Why ME??!!”

And of course my Mobile there would make me all the more immobile!!

With almost no time for myself I would crib about all those beautiful things that I could have filled into those 60 seconds of a precious minute, of the 24 long hours of an always short day for me…

But then their goodwill just worked wonders. I would be amazed at what life had to offer. But they would emerge just as the curtains would fall and then eyebrows would  be raised for an eternity.

I would stand ever confused, should I crib or should I celebrate??

Forget It!!

O Dear Lord! Who has time to think when one has no time to talk!

I’m vexed! Why do you need just a paragraph when I can pen down an entire Novel!  Huh….

So the point is being tacit puts you on so many vantage points. I would just pen down some sufficient seven.

1. They would never know how stupid you are. 😛 Just give an esoteric smile and seem saintly overflowing with wisdom. 🙂

2. Conserves Energy. Saves you from weight loss. (I have been unable to add on an extra kilo above 47 ever since my 9th class! ) But then even if you’re planning to shed fat, this still is a dangerous idea. 

3.You never forget what you MUST be saying.

4. People listen to at least some of it when you make some sense. ( I make too much sense and ultimately end up being nonsense!! 😦  )

5. You do not hurt your own ears. (Mine are perpetually damaged without respite)

6.NOTE (If you are a girl) : Even while bitching ….. u can still sound important!! your blah blah can make them go gaga…

7. The Less you Speak, the more you listen and the More you listen, the better speaker you ultimately become!! 😛  ( I guess that’s where all the problem started for me !)

So all  I wanted to Talk about was….. I should not be Talking at all!!!

So Do me a Favour Please!!!

Seal It!  TAPE IT!!




PS: It’s not entirely my fault. Heredity plays a major role as well. No offence to the wonderful and equally weird duo who decided to create a masterpiece but ended up doing disaster management. 🙂

Finally shutting up!!

11 responses to “Speak Less.Say More!

  1. nani ,,,,,nice thought ,,,,but i dont think that you can ever shut your mouth……………………………..waise bhi tumhara bak bak bahu acha lagta hai,,,,hi hi

    • hey golu! thanx…pata nahi tha tujhe v itna acha lagta hai…:P
      i remember the times wen u wud kill me fr opening my mouth….:P
      i have hijacked ur mom!!..so i think u r bound 2 say nice things 🙂

  2. Nice one…
    I liked PS of this writing.
    One free advice “Live the life in a way what you are.”

    • thanx Rahul!
      even i like the PS..this one and THIS one too..
      and THIS one is in a struggle for trying to transform the life 🙂
      ur advice is taken note of!!

  3. i was wondering what made you take such a life threatening decision. i want see you succeed. hence, no let up.


    • hahhahah 🙂 kife threatening stance sir….gud one!
      ya..even i find it threatening my very existence…though I have not been able to stick to the promise much 😦
      But yet adamant to give up!

  4. I like your sweet voice. So if you’re gonna shut up, then the whole family is going to collapse!!!!!!!

  5. Please don’t shut up…you are a monument of knowledge for me. Actually I need to shut up.

  6. Wel!! I was said that there are two kinds of writer – those that make you think and those that make you wonder. So here I m left wondering…. ‘did any one said you something’ or is that YOU who think for such new transformation.If it’s the former, then lemme tel you that….. It’s like what you know, you just manage to publish a book and there are so many stupid things said that you finally decide that you ll never do it again.
    Nevertheless, amazing piece of writing as always.
    A my point of writing this shit is that….. PLEASE, DON’T SHUT UP.. EVER.
    God Bless.

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