To Prepare

To prepare for a journey never thought of in the wildest of dreams… Not a journey of sheer hard work but a journey of courage, of resolve, of being stubborn for what you need…

A journey where you are supposed to walk and not run else you miss out the milestones…else you run out of stamina. But unlike the run, you see yourself walking on forever.

A journey where ” To-Be” or ” Not-to-be” is not even the question… because you are  mortified to visualize the ” Not-to-be” and the “To-be” still far from visible…eluding your sight since ages.

A journey, where each soul you see can see the Loss of your life but can never feel it. And you are bound to accept...even if they feel your loss, they can never fill the absence…

You learn to love others, other things, other phenomena, other happenings… Because you are scared, what if you never get what you set your heart on?….

But your heart knows where it goes…you know what you want…and you know that you know. Without it you wouldn’t ever be the same.

The pain…the intensity and magnitude of which you cannot remember but yet can’t forget. The pain that would stay on to pen down souvenirs of sorrow…

And you are just bound to Prepare… Prepare for victory. Prepare for defeat…much more than you prepare for the journey…

7 responses to “To Prepare

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  2. Prepare to rejoice unpreparedness,to get caught unawares.

  3. Very true……but why does this happen in our lives????? still an unanswered question!!!!!

  4. I can feel the feelings that insipred you to write such beautiful lines…

    Also, my dear, prepare to rejoice..prepare to celebrate..prepare to party! 🙂

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