As YOU sow, So shall THEY reap

You draw with henna on their hands
You braid their hair with colorful rubber-bands.
You dress them up sometimes, as a tiny bride.
You caress them to sleep in peace,by your side.

You giggle as you watch them grow,
From nursery rhymes in kindergarten.
to poetry in school.
From crushes in college
to a Love-smitten fool.

You teach them to be a wife,
A daughter, a sister,
and a Mother like you.
Because life’s tests would be many later,
But, the lessons very few.

You sow them with love..
You water them with tears..
You nourish them with culture
You teach them to face their fears.


So that one day when they grow bigger than you ever thought..
Spreading their branches away from your flowering pot..

their flowers blossom,
their fruits bloom.
But in an unknown garden
leaving you behind in gloom

Gone is your little Bride
Someone else claims her,
She is someone’s big pride.

Now, you are a mere spectator Mother,
THEY are the owners of your Treasure.


Gone is your lifetime investment,
Gone is your masterpiece,
Gone is she,
robbing all your bliss.

This is what is life you accept..
As YOU sow, So shall THEY reap..

DSC_0316 - Copy

30 responses to “As YOU sow, So shall THEY reap

  1. This piece touched my heart deeply…..loved it..

  2. Wow !! This is such , such a master piece Pamela…I am Impressed. The heart touching words….just melted my heart ….. And I must say I am in love with the photos you share…. So colorful…. And you look so GORGEOUS on your wedding…. As they say “Roop Aya Hua hai ” 😉 Love the last picture….
    Now, you are a mere spectator Mother,
    THEY are the owners of your Treasure.
    Awesome awesome lines…..

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  4. masterpiece like this and a daughter like u shud b blissful enough for any mother.

    • Thank You Mr. Talking Stone! sparing so much time for revisiting my blog and for sparing the generosity to share such lovely compliments 🙂
      I am already blessed.

  5. After a long time, once again I can see those words flowing from your heart to my mind.
    I am still able to relate some incidences of your marriage with your poem.
    Happy to see your blog after a long time.

  6. Hey pam….where were you all these days???
    Once again was longing to hear from you……nice lines…true lines…..feelings of heart from deep inside…..loved it…
    Congratulations dear….have a happy life ahead 🙂

    • Hey Padma! thanx a ton dear for earnestly visiting and without fail encouraging me, each time I post something!
      Well, Marriage had taken its toll on me fr a while 😉
      but I made a comeback anyhow..:P

  7. Congrats and best wishes for ur future.Each one of us have family but getting a loving & caring family makes a person reflect in his identity.
    Pammy u r always gr8 might be becoz of tht.

  8. Now that is an amazing piece! Have a happy married life ahead.

  9. This is really a very touchy post………..As usual the write up is fantastic. Congratulations.

  10. -Whats in a name

    Somehow the branches of love
    Still spread,
    From words to actions
    To the very root

    Awesome work author , Keep expressing 🙂

  11. Lovely Pamela, as always.
    Can so so much relate to it..and the pictures complement your words so well.
    Wonderful! Touching….

  12. very nice and best wishes for married life

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