Rain! Rain Go Away. Little Honey wants to play!!

It was a Rainy Day- but not any other rainy day it was. It was “Rajaa”. A special festival in Odia families that pampers girls. They wear new clothes. Eat a lot of delicacies prepared specially for the day. And most importantly spend the entire time on the swings! Zoop!

And hence Miss Honey Satpathy was no exception.

But Lo! The rain lashed heavily on the grass without a moment to pass.. and Miss Honey’s Mommy refused to permit her to play outside, lest she dirty her new frock. Lest she caught cold…


But Miss Honey knew the spell. She sat on the verandah wall and hummed.

Rain! Rain! Go Away!
Little Honey wants to Play!!
Come again another Day!
Let Pink shine over the grey!


The Rain subsided. and she put on her new pink frock …
But where was the swing that Daddy had promised her back?? :(
She was upset and wouldn’t listen to any buttering.

Negotiations one After another.
from the Sister and the Brother.
But Why should Honey bother?

She was upset that her Father,
Didn’t buy her a swing!
It was such a cruel thing!!


But a cunning cousin
Had a cunning vision.
She knew what a girl most Desires…
“A Beauty that everyone admires”!

And that did the trick!!


Both the girls went on a walk.

And became the Town’s Talk!


Sometimes she would sit and Pose.
Until the world around her froze.

Ohh! What a Beauty!
Pink and Pretty!

Honey and Amber.
Her Sunshine fur!!

DSC_0650 DSC_0653

She was the apple of everybody’s eyes.
“Now for a swing what little girl cries??” :P
She was the heroine.She was the star.
whom people came to see from near and far!

then came her Daddy, Back from office.
“If not a swing Daddy. I have another wish!!”


“A ride in your car is all that I want.
Please daddy its a wish that you must grant!”


Aaaaaand ye!!
I get to ride the steering wheel!

2012-10-28 14.20.15

With her ‘little’ wishes granted.
What more had Honey wanted?

The new pink frock.
Some chocolates.
A car ride with Daddy on her side.
A beauty that was Mommy’s pride.

And yeah!
The fans who cheered the ‘Pink Princess’.
“What more on earth does one anyone wishes!”  ;)



Did you just say I was the most Beautiful Girl on earth?!! 

Can I blush!!

27 responses to “Rain! Rain Go Away. Little Honey wants to play!!

  1. Nice Poem and pictures are making it more beautiful. Well written, Keep writing.

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  3. Waav, its damn lovely 🙂 Your writings are just adorable
    Keep Going:)

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  6. ha ha!Nice poem as usual…
    All the lines appropriate for our pretty princess HONEY Mam…

    • O my God Mummy! did you just say HONEY was your pretty princess???
      I thought I was! God save me from committing suicide.
      first they name me with a dog’s name. Then they make the Dog Maharaani and the Daughter Naukraani!! 😦

  7. Ur writings r simply awesome..I am sure someday ur going to publish a book of ur own..just keep the good work and bst of luck..

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  9. Awww………poor Honey!!!!!!!
    Chalo koi baat nahi……ek wish na sahi dusri toh puri hui…..!!!!!!
    Lovely Honey..n Lovely pink…n Lovely u pam….. 🙂

  10. Hilarious! ;] I wish I were Honey too……….she leads such a luxurious life…….not like us……..we study all day, still get bad courses to learn and sit with nervous breakdown all day…………….

    • hahahaaa! true that we are not as fortunate as Miss Honey..
      Luxury and Fashion…in sab k liye time kahaan hai?
      But Seetheart..thanx fr being a constant morale booster..taking time to encourage me always..

  11. Keep it up…Great to see Honey Satpathy in different formats;-):-)

  12. sanchaita misra

    Hii ths is sanchaita (sankets wife)lovely poem and honey she is so adorable my god lovley she is….

  13. Awsome Pamela…. Nice blog.. keep writing….(Deepankar’s friend)

  14. haha! Honey invites envy! cute one 🙂

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