Why I couldn’t write about You.

the poet

Once you asked the Poet
Why she wrote a million poems,
yet never one about you?
If you were ever anything to her-
a smoke, a fog, or even a drop of dew?

And you made her think,
your worth, your essence, your being.

You were like Breath,
Always in me,
Although I couldn’t ever see.

I was alive,
I was breathing,
yet never feeling,
The breath in me.

I wrote couplets,
I wrote odes,
At each of life’s crossroads.

You were in me,
You were behind me,
There you were,
where I couldn’t see.

Holding me uptight, whenever I fell,
But you were there with me,
You never could tell…

I saw you at the bends,
when the roads turned
Like a shadow of my past,
That often returned.

You followed wherever I walked,
You listened all through,
I remember,you never talked.

At each road I remember,
I wrote a Poem or two.
Until one day I found,
I have never written about you.

That was the day,
When my last breath was left.
That was the night,
when of words I was bereft.

Perhaps I never wrote,
because you never put me at any crossroad.

You followed me, my Breath.
At each road, until death.
Unseen, unacknowledged.
Taken for granted, in blind faith.

Your absence was your presence,
A Poem-
Unwritten, unacknowledged,
But speaking  My life’s essence…

The breath was gone.
And I was gone too.
I was gone now,
without writing about you…


40 responses to “Why I couldn’t write about You.

  1. I did miss this one…sorry…

  2. GOOD WORK 🙂

  3. As usual good one…i am falling short of adjectives…all your writings are great…. :).and loved the last 2 paras 🙂

  4. wish everybody cud’ve somebody as unconditional as breath:
    one big reason such people are rare, is cuz of our tendency to take them for granted.
    such wistful paradoxes of being an inalieanable part and still being unacknowledeged is a reality and it requires empathy and definitely deep words like these to bring it out so seamlessly.

    • Thank God for the Network that BIGBOSS could step in here 😉
      Yes very insightful thought you have mentioned here. I totally agree.
      You brought it out seamlessly too,
      Thank you.

  5. For some reason, this never appeared in my Reader, so sorry for being late to read it.
    The poem is beautiful, soulful and very touching. The lines and the ending especially carry a great power. Thank you very much for sharing it!

    • Hey Oloriel! Thanks a ton dear for visiting and caring to encourage me. And dont be sorry please, I am just so blessed to have lovely and supportive readers like you.
      Hugs, love and wishes for the winters!
      Take care!

  6. visit, read the article and thanks for posting your article is quite good and we hope that all our friends all success and thank you all, greetings. (This is a good thing) 🙂

  7. “Now,
    Your absence was your presence,
    A Poem-
    Unwritten, unacknowledged,
    But speaking My life’s essence”

    Wow Pamela. You’ve come back with such amazing lines! …loved reading it, and feeling it… Bohat awesome.. 🙂

  8. The way you Express ,is such a beauty .
    I always believed , some things/feeling cant be caught by words , but it seems you have got special taste in doing that .
    I’m glad you are back and you wrote , indeed you drew a Smile .
    God Bless , Dear Author !!

  9. Nice article …specially liked, ‘ Now,your absence was your presence’….Keep it up…:)

  10. Dear, outstanding capability, keep it up

  11. Very nicely crafted. Love reading it!

  12. aahh how romantic and tragic at the same time ! loved the concept and love the beauty you have created 🙂 so glad to see you back Pamela ! hope everything is going classic around you 😉 Love xx

  13. This is absolutely…. breathtaking! Loved it.

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