My Inexpensive Love.

“What is the worth of your salary,
Its not money but misery!

You never take me shopping,
You never buy me things.
You never pamper me,
never with diamond rings”

Well I always want to buy the world,
For this girl I love.
But when she looks at the price tag,
She is a complacent dove.

The greed is vanquished,
while she shortens her wishlist.

And pulls me away from those pretty shoes,
So that she could come home and merrily abuse!
“Ooo you didnt buy me anything again!
You take me shopping, always in vain!”

Today I shall take you to the market,
all wishes I would grant.
I wouldn’t glance at your wishlist,
wouldn’t listen to your rant.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

We’ll go to Lajpat Nagar
and roam all day long.
We’ll drink coffee from the same mug
and I’ll hum your favourite song.

Oh really!When did you become like this?
This side of you, I did miss!


Hey listen!
How do I look in this Patiala?
and did you notice the kajal I wore?
See my shoes are torn now.
And I don’t like this wallet anymore.

If I don’t cross the road carefully,
Please don’t scold me like before,
Nothing in this world can hit me,
If you hold my hand & shove me ashore.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Hey look! There sits a mehendi wallah,
lone, dejected and very sad.
Nobody has time for cheap mehendi
Gucci and Guess make girls glad!

Lets make him happy,
Lets be happy too.
Lets get a mehendi,
on My palms- only for You!

Behind the veil of distress
shines a smile on his wrinkled face,
The mehendi wallah with a twinkle in his eyes,
Asks this girl for the affordable price,
“50 or 100 or 250 Madam?”

“What’s the price of beauty?”, she says.
With your happiness,
I grant my million wishes.

Together they chatter,
As she chuckles and chokes.
Laughter radiates,
and draws all other folks.

People queue up to put a mehendi too.
I am proud that she’s my girl,
NONE can have her- not even few.

A moment later the beauty is revealed.
the wounds of anguish as well healed.

The beauty, beyond words.
In her hands,
in his eyes,
in my heart,
in the God,
who gave me a gift so nice.


Returning home as the dusk fell,
and the colours rose.
on her palms,
and her cheek’s glows.

My pocket unspent and heavy,
my heart spent and dizzy.
With Thankfulness to that Lord.
For this Girl, who showed me God.

Seen the price tag,
Known the price.
Never knew The value,
of life’s little surprise.

My inexpensive Love,
That was little of Price,but Priceless.
My inexpensive Love,
That bought me, all the world’s Happiness.


I would have gone away,
knowing the price and not the value.
If I hadn’t been lucky,
to know YOU, to Love YOU.

45 responses to “My Inexpensive Love.

  1. How did I missed this beautiful it dear

  2. Wonderful….beautiful……
    I loved….i smiled….throughout……
    🙂 ❤

  3. Emotions r articulated in words in very nice way…Good one.

  4. So adorable ❤
    Love comes in tiny packets. Some inexpensive things that may bring expensive smiles, emotions, memories to cherish. Liked reading this pretty much!

  5. Dear, really it is very nice poems, every word comes from your core heart. Keep it up

  6. Splendid….. This is just super thoughtful and beautifully woven into words….

  7. Beautiful piece of writing 🙂

  8. Too good….loved it 🙂

  9. Love worth all the treasures in the world.Have a beautiful new year.Thank you for following my blog.jalal


    true love has always been about its essence
    and this write-up is full of heart warming narratives with real feelings and nuances. great stuff ,beyond the obvious.

  11. Having coffee in the same mug, wandering purposelessly, searching happiness in Mehndi rather than expensive brands…. So cute ! This is love and this is purity ! Love it.

  12. Hayeee Pamela ! Meray dil ko lag gae ye poem. I LOVE it. Bohat bohat achi hai. Bohat achi. Itni innocent itni sweet or itni Beautiful. Itni pure . I am stunned !

  13. The beauty lies in the simplicity. Its really simple and sweet. Keep up the good work. Cheers.

  14. Great one i love the pictures so much to say… God bless

  15. I trust that wise man , who says ..Best things in life are always free , like this creation of yours you call ‘Inexpensive love’. truly marvelous ..I could visualize the chit-chat of those love birds…Merry Christmas dear author..I have a gift for u..and what could be better Ink-pot..Full !!!
    God Bless.

    • Thank you. Blessed to read your comments here.
      I am happy that you seem happy now 🙂
      Wish you a lovely Christmas too!
      Waiting for your ink-pot.. Full! 😛

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