Oh! Prisoner of Pain!
Before you go insane!

Let that hatred come out,
Do not struggle to endure,
just shout.

chaste, unadulterated,
inevitable, unbridled!
Just HATE!


You think about your hatred,
to avenge, to torment,
to pay back pain
with pain.

You think about the anguish,
seething hatred in your heart,
day in- day out,
each moment without doubt.

So much so that,
you have never thought that much,
about your Love.

Love, your Love!
You remember it sometimes,
some whiles in a day.

But Hate, your hate-
you cannot just remember it.
It doesn’t leave your thoughts for an iota of time,
to return in remembrance at random whiles.

You do not stalk your Love.
You know it loves you,
as much as you do.

You stalk your Hate,
to assure yourself-
You hate it,
more than it could ever hate you.

Your Hate.
If he smiles a happy curve,
you put the world within you in cursing flames.
If he mourns a sad cry,
You put the skies into stars of celebration.

Ahh! Such magnanimity!
that you can even gift him yourself,
for he has made you happy by his defeat, his pain.
He has tasted today those pangs of pain,
that he once gifted you.

Oh Prisoner of Pain!
You have filled your heart,
with so much of hate,
that there’s no more space for it,
in your ‘Hate-chambers’

You wake up one day,
hating your hatred more-
only to see that hate has spilled into
your ‘Love-chambers’ few.

Hate, that hate,
was to banish love out of you.
But Love, your love.
Has let hate flourish too…


Love your Hatred?
Or curse your fate?

Oh Prisoner of Pain!
You have gone insane!

Look!Your Hate!
Hate resides in love.
Hate imitates love.
Hate intimidates love.
Hate surrenders to love.

Hate becomes Love-
The highest form of love.
Chaste. Unadulterated. Inevitable. Unbridled.


33 responses to “Hate?

  1. Why hate is powerful than love???

    • Hate pretends to be powerful than love, taking advantage of the fact that love doesnt need to pretend being powerful, but ultimately it is love which wins the power game..

  2. Never ever have I read something which seems pro-hatred but is actually isnt. A very reverse psychology thing going here 🙂

  3. Hi Pamela..
    I’ve made ​​a post, that humans only have two feelings, namely: Human being feeling only have two: 1. Happy 2. Hate. Happy = love, like, glad, happy Etc.. Happy feeling make people healthy. Hate = envy, jealous, revenge, angry, Etc. pain. Hate make people suffer from many Illnesses, both phisical and spiritual. This is the link: http://hilalachmar.wordpress.com/2012/07/19/70-human-beings-only-have-two-feelings/

    You write very well, about the happy and hate. Indeed, the human heart, back and forth quickly. Humans are often very loving someone / something, a moment then turned to hate someone / something …. 🙂 Thanks Pamela, for sharing …. 🙂 Hilal Achmar.

  4. Very true and amazed by this blog!

  5. Author Dear , Like some indian classical Raga (Malhar,Darbari etc) which mention best time to sing them..you should also mention best time to read your particular posts 🙂 I was getting ready for office and I read this friendly Conspiracy of love and hate..and went into my personal favorites of love-hate..nd yes I’m late to the officw now 😉
    But I have my excuse ready today.
    Happy Shivratri !!

    • Dear White Lotus!
      happy Shivratri to you too!
      and yes the best time to read my posts is the time before you get ready for office.
      Your delayed presence in office, proves the power of my pen in enchanting my readers and making them lose track of time 😛
      Let me be famous one day (soon), your excuse would be delightfully accepted 😉

  6. Nice, Pamela!

    It reminds me a little of something I saw spray-painted on a cement-block wall — “I loved you.” That was so powerful, the past-tense of it.

    Your poem reminded me that love and hate are related.

    • Hey Lori! Thanx for bringing this out..
      really “I loved you”, sounds so magically strange, doesnt it?
      Perhaps I will write something about it too 😉
      Yes love and hate are indeed related.
      You can only hate truly if you have ever loved atleast an iota to that person..

  7. Pamela ,sensational and truthful thoughts.Have a wonderful day.jals

  8. Hy pamela.

    Very nice post and i think u r right…. 🙂
    and your picture is so nice one…

  9. Hatred expressed with such intensity,love,passion and angst that you’ve got to love this and certainly can’t hate this relentless,no holds barred version of hate.

  10. Thought-provoking poem. Love and hate may have the same nature.

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