Who? She? She’s a Housewife.

She wakes up at dawn,
Relinquishing her yawn.
Slips out of the blankets,
No sounds from her trinkets.

So that she doesn’t disturb your sleep.
She would choke her giggles and quieten her weep.

She prepares the breakfast,
and bites the crumbs at last.
“Parantha again!”, she hears you blast.

She’s forgotten she likes Ginger tea.
She’s forgotten who is she.


She warms the water for you to bath.
She warms her heart to endure your wrath.
Chooses your clothes, presses them hard.
If at all that will make you glad.

She turns the newspaper
and you snatch it from her hands.
She doesn’t know what’s inside her,
Why may she worry about unknown lands!

She goes to the grocer, the laundry and the milkman.
With you in your office.
she can no more stay a “woman”.

But you will return soon
and show her her right place.
She wouldn’t mind,
She has learnt to accept fate with grace.

Dressed like a maid,
Turmeric tempered hands,
Garlic smelling fingers,
hot oil burnt palms.

You feel ashamed that she stinks of sweat.
Messy, untidy and wet.
She will take time to match your attire.
She has burnt her identity in the kitchen fire.

the house-wife

She cooked your favourite dish today.
Just ignore if its salty and please say,
This tastes so good you know.
And she can crumple all her dignity beneath your ego.

Hobby? She can’t have those,
kids and hubby she can.
Who question her intellect,
bully her for “trying to be a man“.

She has all the time in the world for you.
You can watch the NEWS for hours in lieu.
“After all hunger deaths in Somalia,
are more important than her.
What does she know other than home?
Nothing before. Nothing after.”

She has no Sundays.
She can never fall ill.
Just give her a little love.
that’s her real pill.

A little love

She utters her name. You don’t recognise,
It’s not your fault, you are too wise.
She’s forgotten to tell you whose “Mrs” she is,
How on earth would you know her! doesn’t she know this!

She smiles at your guests,serving them tea.
You frown at her, thinking she’s stingy.
You don’t realise she had no money with her,
“Where on earth do you spend all that I offer?!?”

On your make-up, clothes and jewellery?
She smiles.
Bills. Laundry. grocery.

The electric bill is high.
She’s the one lazying at home.
Can she deny?

“The new curtains,the sofa and the crockery?
You buy them all,
with whose permission?
whose salary?”

Permission, certainly she needs to seek,
she doesn’t earn even a penny a week.
If her husbands’s status she wants to show.
It isn’t her own, she should know.

She starves her desires
and saves a bit.
Not for her saree,
but for your birthday gift.

She complains you didn’t do a few errands,
“Mad woman! Does she think you have a million hands?!
She’s the one who sits at home
all the while idle, she has the guts to groan!”

People say she does nothing,
but gossip all day long.
After all an “idle-mind” is a devil’s workshop,
where all malice shall throng.


C-A-T isn’t Saaaat, It’s Kaaat“, she tells.
You know nothing Mom. Or you would have gone to offishh“, he yells.
Even that seems like melody to her loving ears.
Letting the flesh from her womb, innocently pierce-
her identity, her being into a million holes,
Such that a soul cares for a million souls…

He grows up to correct the world,
“She isn’t a house-wife, she’s a home-maker.”
But does this logic convince himself as its taker?

The in-laws are asked what does she do,
They say, “she does nothing, but a house-hold jobs few”.
The husband is asked, what does she do,
Embarrassed he sites her qualifications and says ,”she knew,
she wouldn’t be able to handle so much pressure,
Her world is her family, her only treasure.”

Her family is a treasure for her.True.
But does it consider her a treasure too?

After each fight she’s reminded.
She is fed and clothed by them,
she better not be blinded.

“What’s her worth?
A grain of sand.
It’s time,
She must understand.”

Yes.She has understood well her value.
hence sacrificing that grain of sand too.
To hide it in her womb and nourish it with care.
Into a pearl drop- flawless and fair.


She sees her dreams through your eyes.
Knowing what if she didn’t shine,
But you must certainly rise.

She goes to the temple,
Prays for your success.
She forgets without fuss,
she too had a few wishes.

A mothers prayers

Never mind!
Whatever makes you happy,
That makes her happy too.
But what brings her tears,
does that bring tears to you?

The world points at her and curiously asks.
You say,”Who? She? She’s a House-wife.”


98 responses to “Who? She? She’s a Housewife.

  1. This is such an amazing poem!

  2. mam,i m really really inspired by ur positiveness,simply,awesome.

  3. bright blessings, peace and love

  4. My Refractions

    Well written! Her greatness is veiled within her humbleness…

  5. You’ve got such a keen eye! The subtlest of details which one would overlook are captured here. How beautifully have you captured disintegration of a women’s individuality over time.
    I landed here looking for inspiration for my script, which is based in a similar context. Looks like, this is all the research needed. Thank you so much for the inspiration!

    • Hi Karsh!
      I should be the one saying Thank you for such a heartfelt appreciation.
      Rightly pointed out, the disintegration of a women’s individuality.
      I am touched, deeply…
      Well what script are you working on, a play or something of that sort?
      Thanks again for being an encouragement!

      • The script is for a short film about urban loneliness. About a snubbed and forgotten housewife. Something on the lines of Satyajit Ray’s Mahanagar and Charulata.
        If it gets made, I will give you the due credit 🙂
        Thank you!

  6. Impressively written. And so sad but so true. How many million women who have no other choice. That’s the keyword: choice. And how much more to wait for every one to have a choice? Thank you for this text.

    • Thank you so much Brian..for liking the essence of this piece.
      Yes choice is something which becomes a luxury after marriage.
      Duty, one sided duty becomes the norm.
      Thank you for the appreciation. ..

      • Hi Pamela. Truly apologize for the delay. Just wanted to add that in the “West” women were given voting rights less than a century ago! 1946 in France. So, we’ve come a long way, but it still is fresh. The rest of the work is up to the younger generations! 🙂
        Take care

        • Yes Brian!
          True that women world over share the same fate, east or west..
          Well pointed out the discrimination in granting of civil rights…
          Solutions are not in legislation, but in living up the same in actions.
          Thank you for visiting again and again, and caring to share your vision and views.
          So indebted to you for this! 🙂

  7. Beautiful words and thoughts! A lovely tribute to the ‘homemaker’ the one who bears all the brunt. And a wake-up call to the MCP 🙂
    Thanks Pamela.

  8. As a husband I found this blog full of many “home-truths”.

    And I am “hit”very badly so….. leaving for much needed …..”first-aid” !!

    • Haha hilarious 😀
      Hope you recover soon 😉
      Well you r courageous enough to acknowledge the “home truth”
      Nw im sleep walking into ur blog….

      • Thanks.

        I don’t know why we husbands forget that our mothers and sisters are also wives.

        Moreover, we marry begging for “kanya-daan” ( a bride in donation ) and the very next day, the donation becomes simply “a commodity” and ‘the needy” of yesterday, becomes a Boss today !!

        Welcome to SLEEPWALKERS’ !!

        • Such a well pointed out fact..
          I see that if even half of the males introspect like you,
          Life of a woman can so much become beautiful. 🙂

          • Thanks.

            Things ARE improving but improving Very VERY slowly.

            I am a better husband than my father was and I am sure my sons will be better than me.

            Astrologically, the planet Venus rules prosperity and in a household this planet is represented by the wife ( goddess Lakshmi;).

            I have noticed ( broadly and generally speaking of, course ) that only those families prosper and have lasting peace where wives are given their rightful place !!

            • Really, surinderji I am proud that a man like you chose to stop by, and encourage.
              Humbled I am.

            • Thanks Pamela ji.

              But to be fair I was not born that way. Almost all Indian males are born with ego. I guess it is a “manufacturing defect”.

              With experience I realized (my mistake) that :

              All gentlemen are men but all men are not gentlemen.

              To be a gentleman a man has to qualify and the necessary first step is : “respect ladies” !!

            • Well said..
              Well reflected.
              Thnk you so much for the profound words.

            • Exactly:
              “All gentlemen are men but all men are not gentlemen.”
              To be a gentleman a man has to qualify and the necessary first step is : RESPECT.
              Dropped by to appreciate those comments!

            • Khushamdeed !!

              Mashkoor !!

  9. Wonderful, shows how much neglected and unorganized the profession of housewives are. 🙂

    • If only its ever considered a profession at all. 😉
      Thanks a ton for visiting Mou.

      • Yes, it is. In economics, it is under unorganized profession, I’ll send you a link on it when I login from PC 🙂

        • Yes Mou, I know economics is wise enough to consider it so.
          Even in sociology, we call it Care Economy, that is a major indirect contributor to our GDP.
          But it is society which willingly resists due acknowledgement to this species. 🙂

  10. This is awesome. You have perfectly reflected the beautiful character of house-wife in the Eastern world.

  11. helldoesntownme

    Lovely. Lonely. Exquisite. Thank you.

    Drusilla (http://lovedasif.com/)

  12. HI there 🙂 i am nominating you for the sunshine award For more details, please view this post http://twenty1619.wordpress.com/ 🙂

  13. OMG…That was soo touching! I guess we all are culprits of this crime (undermining the housewives in our life) at some point or other.

    • Thank you so much dear..
      Yes I feel the same too, we are culprits for our own state of affairs today..
      I hope someday the world understands before it gets too late.

  14. Haye Allah Pamela…… Itna dard kesay chupa leti ho apnay words me ?
    Since I am a housewife now too…I can understand each and every word of your poem and feel every emotion in my heart…right here !!! I LOVED each word, every concept in every stanza…. Her baat is aik dam natural, right, true and perfect !! Bohat acha hai I have no words, I really don’t have.
    Hope you are doing good 🙂 Love you !

    • Ohh lala!! You are back my dear.
      I was about to ask Maria your whereabouts…
      Missed you so so much…
      Ab toh tum v wahi ho gayi ho jo hum hain…housewife!!
      Koi baat nahi, we are poets first and everything else later 🙂
      Yaar dard ka toh poocho hi mat, I believe-pain makes a poet 😉
      I hope tum theek ho..and I pray that you be..
      Just can’t explain you how it feels to have people so far apart from you, yet so close to your heart.
      Dhyaan rakhna apna..
      Without your n Maria’s words on my posts…it feels lik an unfinished tale…
      Dont wory I have offered your Allah a bag full of chocoltes to care of you. 😀
      I love you too!! N too much!

      • I missed you too meri pyari dost 🙂
        Haha yeah cheers to housewives 😉 You are right, no matter what happens, writing comes first.
        I am fine, in fact fine than ever.
        Haha don’t worry we’ll always be here to finish your awesome perfect tales 😉
        Lol hahaha I am sure He must have returned them to you saying that He loves me so much that He’ll take care of me without accepting chocolates 😉 😛 Love you so very very much Pamela you are a sweetheart 🙂

  15. I am late. sorry for that.
    Lovely. the pain, the irony, the bitter truth…all blended so well in the lines…
    so beautifully expressed..

    • Thank you Rituuu 🙂
      Well returning from your Honeymoon, and experiencing frictional unemployment for a while, you shouldn’t hav read this post at all. 😛
      pre-marriage is always honeymoon, and post- Marriage a honey trap.
      So beware!! 😉

  16. You are completely welcome. I’m glad you like the blogs I’m re-blogging. 🙂 Yes, glad our paths have crossed. Your page is very interesting.

  17. Good points: It is nice work and good thoughts/feeling.
    Bad points: It can be short or present in multiple posts. Readers are lazy to read longer.
    Correction – Tag keywords not more than 15 else post will not appear in reader’s section of followers.

    • Thank you so much fr much for the valuable inputs, will certainly keep that in mind.
      But it is a ballad- or a story-poem, so to say.
      And that made it longer, I suppose.
      For The information regarding keywords – thanks a ton.:)

  18. No wonder “pen is mightier than sword”.

  19. Nice…well written and you have left nothing! good and touching.

    • Sorry for d delayed response kokila ji
      I apologise. 🙂
      And thanks a ton for caring to encorage and stopping by to compliment.
      Im just so glad:D

  20. Beautiful — so beautiful !
    Those light and deep emotions are floating endlessly in above lines – and the lines go on n on n on …

  21. Nice reading about you

    Thanks for visiting my blog. Be in touch. Browse through the category sections, I feel you may find something of your interest.

  22. The plight of women in our part of the world! So well written and so, so bitterly true!!

    • Shukriya yasminji!
      Yes d plight of women…no pen can pen down, no words will suffice.
      I just attempted to catch a glimpse of it ..
      Im glad that you liked it.

  23. Exquisitely written… Savored every word! Thank you for sharing lovely piece of writing.

  24. Reblogged this on Randomlyabstract's Blog and commented:
    She does nothing but a house-hold jobs few! A mother, a teacher, a guide, doctor, nurse, an alarm clock, Imam she is. One who looks after them all, fulfilling their needs and the society’s.

    “The homemaker has the ultimate career. All other careers exist for one purpose only – and that is to support the ultimate career. ” – C.S. Lewis.

    Well done, Pamela. You’re just so talented.

  25. Each and every word reminds me of my mom.

  26. This poetry is just so beautifully written …it’s simply fab 🙂
    Every line expresses the reality in such a humble gentle manner ….

  27. Chapatis for In-laws

    House wife = Blood Life.
    This post ,so humbly and ably shows the mirror to the society.
    Such magnanimity and selflessness ,and still goes unacknowledged :)))))
    extremely disgraceful and insensitive world….
    I guess we just need to have an attitude of gratitude and that is what every woman wants.

  28. Aww…this one was too emotional…so touchy!!

  29. ‘“C-A-T isn’t Saaaat, It’s Kaaat“, she tells.
    “You know nothing Mom. Or you would have gone
    to offishh “, he yells.
    Even that seems like melody to her loving ears.’
    That made me smile & also remember what my mother told me about my 6year old brother. She was helping out with his assignment when she couldn’t remember a particular word…my naughty baby brother played his tiny hands on head singing, ” Dear God restore my mummy’s brain…”. She couldn’t just stop laughing.

    My dear Pamela, you are a rare gem and your writings are out-of-this world. Thanks for using your gift to be a blessing.
    Bless your darling heart.

    • Thank you so much Anuoluwapo. :)Thanks a ton for such a genuine compliment and for being able to relate this to your own life.
      I am not a rare gem, but people like you are, because you are kind enough to stop by and lovingly encourage.
      Who has time in this busy world today to sell and buy love- for free ? 🙂
      I am blessed that I have people like you who take time to support and spread love.
      Thanks a million times! 😀

  30. Such a beautiful composure of ugly side of society..I wonder how your imagination captures such minute details. You are a blessed writer..God bless you author dear .

    • Thank you Reader Dear for your unfailing support each time I write something.
      Sometimes Ugly things wear a beautiful wrapper, just to make sure they hide their ugliness..
      Perhaps this is one such piece.. Who Knows!

  31. Yet again, you’ve stunned me.
    “On your make-up, clothes and jewellery?
    She smiles.
    Bills. Laundry. grocery.”
    Loved it.

  32. it’s a sad thing. i cannot say appropriate words. but, it was same in japan. Brave women had been claiming their inequality. much later their dream came true. i hope the day comes soon this story’s lady get love from her family, especially, her husband.

    • Yes Milu its a sad thing.Women accept everything be it Japan or India., for the sake of their loved ones.
      Thanks for reposing your hopes and wishes on this lady.
      I will convey her and pray that your wishes work soon.
      Good Day!

  33. So true well done. Hace a blessed day may God bless you with your love ones

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