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The Climb


I wanted to see the world,
From a place, where it couldn’t see me.
I wanted to show the world,
A face, that it would long to be.

I walked on.
The slope was with me,
The hope was with me.
The road ahead, I could clearly see.

Slopes followed my stride,
Sun became my guide.

Air in my hair,
Wind in my wings.
I walked and strode,
Waves of luck I rode.

There stopped the thrill.
I found,
I had climbed down the hill!

The world could see me,
But didn’t want to,
I wanted to run away,
But didn’t know where to.


I started again-
Dejection. Despair. Pain.

The sun burnt my face,
Winds pushed me back,
The slopes tortured me,
I could hardly walk.


I fought on,
Pebbles holed my feet.
Luck eluded me,
But I couldn’t accept defeat.

I wriggled. I crawled,
And stopped-
for breath.

It was breath-taking!
The View!!
The view from the Top!!!

I could see the world,
The world couldn’t see me.
I was all that Now,
I ever wanted to be.

My Climb
P.S.: Sometimes poems are not the poet’s child, but a gift. And this one is one such gift.A gift from a teacher, who happened to come my way; who happened to touch my life with thoughts profound than a poem; who happened to help me climb and conquer, the mountain of fear I had built before me.
Khan Sir! I wish I could repeat after you “Insha~Allah” a million times. I stop, and murmur it in my mind, because I know those words wouldn’t sound as sweet from me, as when you utter them.
But let me just say it now, “Insha~Allah Sir, I have climbed, if not conquered yet- the mountains!!”
The child in you showed me the text on your phone that you had sent to your friend. The poet in me lent a tune to your thoughts. Yet, your thoughts seem wiser than this tune to me now!
Thank you Sir! Insha~Allah I climbed. 🙂

And “The View”!! Somebody saw it for me before I could see it on my own…Saw it with eyes more beautiful than mine, and yet chose to gift and stay anonymous 🙂
A picture is a poem plus meaning, minus words.
So should I say, A Thousand Thankyous to the Pixel Poet for this picture!!
I climbed, but you captured the view.:)
With such genuine, generous, gifted people and their good will with me, I am all that Now, I ever  wanted to be”


I take my bye along.

I never could ask
I never could get.
What I couldn’t get,
I could never forget.

You were right,
Always right,
I accept, I lacked insight.

We were windows to each other,
Space suffocated us before.
Today I am an intruder,
At your life’s door.


Tried reminding you,
Of the bygone sweet time.
But the gone was gone,
Long erased from your mind.

I was the first,
To love. To admit. To show.
I will be the first today,
To accept the truth and go.

There was dignity,
There was love.
Since love is gone,
Dignity I cannot shove.

I know you want to breathe,
To go away with grace,
But you cannot say good bye,
You donot have the face.


I knew you then,
I think, I know you still,
What you desire, but can’t,
Today I will.

There were questions, you had asked me,
On some of my life’s turns.
But for the sake of our love,
Those questions I wouldn’t return.

I will let them stay with me,
for answers you cannot give.
I donot need them perhaps,
with questions I can live.

I take the blame for,
departing without a word.
I pretend, you said you love me
and I haven’t perhaps heard.

I will leave and let you live.
I wouldn’t be the reason,
you will ever need to grieve.

I will walk out before you know,
Without a good bye, I shall go.

I go.bye