I take my bye along.

I never could ask
I never could get.
What I couldn’t get,
I could never forget.

You were right,
Always right,
I accept, I lacked insight.

We were windows to each other,
Space suffocated us before.
Today I am an intruder,
At your life’s door.


Tried reminding you,
Of the bygone sweet time.
But the gone was gone,
Long erased from your mind.

I was the first,
To love. To admit. To show.
I will be the first today,
To accept the truth and go.

There was dignity,
There was love.
Since love is gone,
Dignity I cannot shove.

I know you want to breathe,
To go away with grace,
But you cannot say good bye,
You donot have the face.


I knew you then,
I think, I know you still,
What you desire, but can’t,
Today I will.

There were questions, you had asked me,
On some of my life’s turns.
But for the sake of our love,
Those questions I wouldn’t return.

I will let them stay with me,
for answers you cannot give.
I donot need them perhaps,
with questions I can live.

I take the blame for,
departing without a word.
I pretend, you said you love me
and I haven’t perhaps heard.

I will leave and let you live.
I wouldn’t be the reason,
you will ever need to grieve.

I will walk out before you know,
Without a good bye, I shall go.

I go.bye

22 responses to “I take my bye along.

  1. lovely one !!!
    very touching ……..
    beautiful poem pamy….

  2. Beautifully written….:)Just love the way you express…:)

  3. Perfect blend of emotions and delineations 🙂

  4. Beautiful and sensitive thoughts. Thank you 🙂

  5. *speechless for a moment*
    …hey Pamela. This is excellently put! Full of truest emotions and purest words. But with that dignity n grace is a lot of pain, and those sorrowful expressions worry me.
    That part about the questions I won’t return because you haven’t got the answers, and the overall description of a sacrificial goodbye has been demonstrated powerfully – such is the magic of your words!

    • Thank you Maria meri jaan, not jus for making this a complete venture by being here, but by picking up the part that is my favourite as well.
      Yes pain may seem evident, but sometimes grace emanates only from pain and its perseverance…grace emanates when pain actually leaves you alone and goes away, but you feel the absence of pain is more painful… 🙂
      Well, its all so complicated !
      You are my magician, dear, awing me with your charms..
      Love you too,

  6. Can I ask you a question Pam???
    What made you write this ???
    This one made me cry 😦
    Too much emotions!!! 😦 😦

    • Hey I just imagined the feelings of so many people I come across and thought of shaping them in my words.
      Dont be sad, my dear.
      Sometimes endings signal a better beginning in life.
      How will spring come, if we cring to the winter snow thinking its all that we actually are worth in life.,
      We got to let go of the blankets, to feel the sun in the skin..
      Love you !
      Thanks fr being here.

  7. I haven’t been able to get through many of your posts yet, but this is definitely one of my favourites so far!

  8. Bigbrotherwantsnobargaining

    Seems a lopsided love with compromises and sacrifices from one side;
    logically, it was never destined to last long, but that’s the beauty n peculiarity of it,it never works on logic.
    But one thing is for sure,this post doesn’t need repentance like this failed love.Its written with such grace n dignity,even respecting the thankless gestures n sentiments of the ‘other half’.

    • Yes so true, love lacks logic.
      But it’s logic which eventually has its way.
      When love gives way to logic, logic can atleast not overlook love…
      Anyway its all so complicated!?!
      And atleast whe you have lost all you had, or you thought you had..you can not afford to lose your dignity as well..
      Thanks for the compliments.
      When you cannot stay on , you can atleast stay away- with grace.

  9. The simple words carry such immense pain…the words just flow like a stream…and the underlying pain..so deep impact…

    Bow down..

  10. my Warm regards on Mothers day .
    Perhaps the longest post..Good work Author Dearest..and such a great choice of tag keywords !!
    Best Wishes

    • Thank you dear reader.
      Wish you happy mothers day too.
      Longest post? This?
      Or did you mean longest awaited?
      This is the shortest in terms of word count. Didnt hav many words to say , so.. 🙂

  11. “Never say goodbye because goodbye means going away and going away means forgetting.”

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