The Climb


I wanted to see the world,
From a place, where it couldn’t see me.
I wanted to show the world,
A face, that it would long to be.

I walked on.
The slope was with me,
The hope was with me.
The road ahead, I could clearly see.

Slopes followed my stride,
Sun became my guide.

Air in my hair,
Wind in my wings.
I walked and strode,
Waves of luck I rode.

There stopped the thrill.
I found,
I had climbed down the hill!

The world could see me,
But didn’t want to,
I wanted to run away,
But didn’t know where to.


I started again-
Dejection. Despair. Pain.

The sun burnt my face,
Winds pushed me back,
The slopes tortured me,
I could hardly walk.


I fought on,
Pebbles holed my feet.
Luck eluded me,
But I couldn’t accept defeat.

I wriggled. I crawled,
And stopped-
for breath.

It was breath-taking!
The View!!
The view from the Top!!!

I could see the world,
The world couldn’t see me.
I was all that Now,
I ever wanted to be.

My Climb
P.S.: Sometimes poems are not the poet’s child, but a gift. And this one is one such gift.A gift from a teacher, who happened to come my way; who happened to touch my life with thoughts profound than a poem; who happened to help me climb and conquer, the mountain of fear I had built before me.
Khan Sir! I wish I could repeat after you “Insha~Allah” a million times. I stop, and murmur it in my mind, because I know those words wouldn’t sound as sweet from me, as when you utter them.
But let me just say it now, “Insha~Allah Sir, I have climbed, if not conquered yet- the mountains!!”
The child in you showed me the text on your phone that you had sent to your friend. The poet in me lent a tune to your thoughts. Yet, your thoughts seem wiser than this tune to me now!
Thank you Sir! Insha~Allah I climbed. 🙂

And “The View”!! Somebody saw it for me before I could see it on my own…Saw it with eyes more beautiful than mine, and yet chose to gift and stay anonymous 🙂
A picture is a poem plus meaning, minus words.
So should I say, A Thousand Thankyous to the Pixel Poet for this picture!!
I climbed, but you captured the view.:)
With such genuine, generous, gifted people and their good will with me, I am all that Now, I ever  wanted to be”

21 responses to “The Climb

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  2. Pingback: My first Letter – Inguz

  3. Saw a link on your wall and came to read this… How did I miss it earlier? But it seems like it stands true for you– this poem– and it’s so extremely beautiful too. I miss your blogs and everything..
    I hope to conquer my own fears soon one day, insha Allah! Love your words. LOVE THIS POST.

    • Hey Maria! long time dear. I really missed our girlie gupshup on each others blog. Sorry i have been lately unable to read your stuff, but that’s for a reason you will be glad to know.
      And yes Lady! you are already fearless and beautiful !! lots of love.

  4. Hope you keep climbing all mountains of challenges that come your way and more importantly keep meeting wonderful people all along and as you rightly said that is all we ever want to be.

    • Ohh thank you so much dear friend for such lovely rays of hope,
      You have rightly pointed out, its because of people like you who care to stop and encourage without expectations. , that the world becomes a wonderful place to be in..
      How I wish that I could climb the mountains of ladakh one day, and meet you in the valleys somewhere 🙂
      Loads of love and good will.
      God bless!

  5. WOW ! What a beautiful poem…. What a perspective to see and seek things what an imagination. Simply Beautiful !

  6. And the breath taking moments are days away 🙂

  7. Powerful yet ever so gentle! A lovely poem which inspires the reader to face life with courage and determination. Your gratitude for Khan Sir is a thoughtful tribute to a guru!

    Thank you Pamela.

  8. Too good to be ignored. You are already a winner

    • Hearts won donot reflect in my resume, unfortunately.
      Else I wouldn’t have stayed PS, I would have become PM by replacing Modi 😉
      How much coaxing it takes for you to post a comment!!! God!!

  9. Hey pam, i don’t know what all you went through your journey of climbing…but one thing’s for sure…..u always inspire me….so if ever you feel low or being dejected…..then don’t forget that there are thousands of “Padma” getting inspiration from you….. 🙂
    Best wishes… 🙂

    • Padma, there cannot ne thousand padmas like you.You are just one amazing friend, out of the world, god sent for me.
      I donot know what impact my writings have on you, but you must know that, each time I read such genuine words from you, I am moved to tears for being so lucky.
      God bless you too and loads of love.

  10. nice one!! success is waiting…(y)

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