When someone has nothing to lose, she becomes capable of everything to gain. So the world should beware and watchout, whether what it wants to snatch out is already snatched away.
Robbing a soul of its last morsel of hope, has the capability of creating a shadow that does not fear light, a silhouette that does not fear night.
Just when the world thinks it has taken all,
made you powerless,
bent you to your knees-
It sees!

It has not made you powerless.
It has made you fearless.
Fearless- of even losing fear…


Who decides whether power overpowers fear or fear threatens power?
Who decides who is the loser?
Who decides whether there ever was anything to lose?
Yes the Loser, who will never lose again…

34 responses to “THE LOSER?

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  3. What a powerful lines. It pierced my heart strings to the core. Can I call you Indian Agatha Christie?
    Kudos PS

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  5. “When someone has nothing to lose, she becomes capable of everything to gain.”

    This is so true! What a great poem 🙂

  6. fearlessness is a double- edged sword, the wise will surely use it well and with caution, for others it may backfire bringing one’s own demise;so it can either grant you blessings or it can become a curse. One has to be cautious when undertaking the path of fearlessness not to stray away from the righteous path of love, compassion and respect. thanks for inspiration

    • Thank you so much madam, for bringing this perspective on fearlessness… I sincerely hope the fearlessness that I have cultured now doesn’t become a curse. I will definitely try and become cautious.
      Thanks for reading and encouraging.

  7. Hey Dear! You are our winner always.. When they said this, they definitely meant it. We trust you and your abilities.
    ‘No matter what you’re going through, there’s a light at the end of the tunnel and it may seem hard to get to it but you can do it.’
    Love you!

    • Thank you so much nani, your words definitely bring the light at the end of the tunnel closer to me.
      The tunnel seems pretty long though, but yes it shall end somewhere…im sure.
      Love you too!

  8. Thankyou so much for this post Pam 🙂
    It means a lot..

  9. Truest emotions. uplifting. you have the skill to gauge into the deepest corners of the heart, find out the feelings that are otherwise indescribable, and weave them into lovely lines.

    • Thank you Ritu.
      Howsover truly I may want to depict, some emotions can never be penned down.
      They remain within, locked up to cause immense pain.

  10. Beautiful and inspiring post.Thank you for visiting my blog.Warm regards.JMS

  11. Your smallest write up has given out the biggest message.
    You are smarting with pain but still you have the faith to go on……I’m so proud of you. If you ever feel sad, then think about me. I’ve lost a year of my life without gaining anything and I’m clueless about what to do next. I get nightmares everyday in which my friends studying at government colleges taunt me and scream out “LOSER”! But now I’m not crying, because I have faith on my parents and I’ll do what they want me to.
    You are not a loser. you are a jewel and today mummy said to me that she felt bad when I didn’t clear AIPMT, but worse when you couldn’t make through your dream. Such is our love, confidence and hope for you.
    All the best.

    • Yes dear I am happy that you are back.
      Pain still persists.
      And thinking about you I feel sadder, that you share the same fate as I.
      A year for you and four years for me..
      But we cant stop right? Whether we wince with pain and scream, we still have to move on..
      If we stop, the mad crowd moving around us, will shove us to places that we never want to go to…as fate has already done, once twice thrice…
      I cry not so much for the loss, but more for this love and my incapability to match up to your hopes..
      But then this life is a show and the Show must go on…
      Lots of love to you my dear.

  12. Your opening words “When someone has nothing to lose, she becomes capable of everything to gain” validates the supreme truth beautifully.

    If we refer to Emperor Alexander the Great’s last wish “I wish people to know that I came empty handed into this world and empty handed I go out of this world” we realize that if this be so then there is nothing of ours to lose. Believing in this simple truth will dispel anxiety and fear of losing what we think is ours but not really ours. 🙂

    • Dilipji,thank you fr being here everytime and speaking out exactly what I need to hear.
      But then I am confused, if we are to go empty handed away from this world, why are we expected to fill our fists with a handful of dreams, that may turn true someday…
      And also to fill the hearts of all those we leave behind, a legacy of accomplishments, a journey of love..
      Yet take away nothing from this world. ..

  13. So true. And powerfully uplifting, like a winner’s speech or perhaps a soulful cry of someone strong; a someone who had fallen and others had mistaken her one fall for her weakness.
    When the world makes you powerless, it sees you’ve become fearless. I loved reading your thoughts, Pamela. 🙂

    • Maria, I must tell you, this is one of the most difficult times that I will ever experience in my life..and such emotions from you, so genuine…mean a lot for me.
      You seem to read between the lines, tilt them and remind me now, that I am still worth something- called love.

      • You are. I swear. You deserve it and you’re worth it—today and forever—even if you feel you don’t love yourself right now.
        Tough times will pass, Pamela. 🙂 “When someone has nothing to lose, she becomes capable of everything to gain.” Prayers and love.

        • Meri pyaari Maria,
          You are indeed magnanimous.
          I want to believe you, always…
          I am blessed to have found you.
          All my love to you dear. ..

  14. “A man after failing to conquer
    mountain said, I will come back and
    conquer you. Because as a
    mountain you can not grow but as a
    man I can become stronger.”
    -Reinhold Messner.

  15. No one but we ourselves decide whether let fear to conquer us or let ourselves conquer fear. The later one is actually the successful one. This philosophical post you have written here hides so much depth in it. Love it.

  16. Very nice dear

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