The Oyster fought the Ocean.


Thrown to the shores, the sands and the slipper marks of people- the oyster struggles to get back to the sea. It is flung to the rocks again and again, again and again…slapped by the tides.

With the shell the oyster shows them, the rocks think it doesn’t hurt the oyster- the oyster is hard. But little do they know, the oyster has a soul that can melt at the slightest of sands, sun and suffering.
But the oyster hides it soul so soft with a shell so tough. Because it knows the world doesn’t pity the meek, it pains them. The world gains nothing, nothing but sinful succour.

The oyester is tired, wants to stop this fight, give up and sit back on the beach.
But it wont. Because it knows, either way it can’t survive.
It is fated for the sea, or fated to die striving to reach the sea.

In the fight between the ocean and the oyster, between fate and the fated, luck and the last struggles, an intruder breaks in…

It slips into the oyster’s shell, an intruder who cannot be expelled.

The parasite knows and the oyster knows too.
In the end, only one would survive- either an empty shell of a dead oyster and a triumphant parasite; or a pearl, shining gratitude towards its soft creator.

With time the oyster transforms the parasite into an object of admiration from an object of abject dislike- into a pearl drop.

But to do this the oyster has to survive the attempts of murder by this enemy hiding within its own soul.
It had won over the waves, shelling itself hard. The waves, the ocean were the enemy outside.
But it has to win over the parasite too, the enemy within. It cannot shell now, this enemy has holed into its soft soul.
It might have been soft, but it has to be strong now.
And Sometimes soft can be strong too…

It is a tussle between strength and intent,
between malice and benevolence,
between traitor and the truth.

And the bet is, the one who would win over the other would survive and transform the other.
Transform beyond thoughts into someone whom the world will love, into someone who would love thyself too…


A pearl drop is born. A parasite has died.
The weary oyster ogles at the ocean, knowing it has survived.

Intent wins over strength,
Benevolence over malice,
Truth over the traitor.

The oyster returns to the sea,unknown, anonymous.
The pearl is treasured, adored, famous.

The Ocean fought the Oyster.
The Pearl won.

21 responses to “The Oyster fought the Ocean.

  1. As one reader rightfully said,this has presented the greatest lesson of bhagwat gita in a very unsophisticated way which is easy to decipher.
    The selfless oyster churning out pearls with great struggles each time without seeking fame and adulation.Everybody cant b a pearl,all we can do is to explore our strengths and show the ‘intent’.
    This post is not just a great intent(oyster) but also a great ‘pearl’.

    • Oh thank you so much for seeing my writings in such high regards. I am indebted indeed. Your comparision of this piece to an oyster and also a pearl, makes me so delighted. 🙂 and this encouragement shows your intents, an intent of an oyster.

  2. The complicatedness of life is always beautifully explained by you dear pamela……many-a-times i find my life’s purpose hidden in your poems….thankyou so much for that…. 🙂
    Like we find many solutions in “Bhagwad-Gita”.. i honestly find them in your lines…so powerful…so inspiring….
    Do keep inspiring me always 😉 I know this is bit too selfishness :p
    Lucky Me…. who encountered you years back 🙂
    And yes….loved those lines…..”sometimes soft can be strong too “

    • Ohh Padma. I donot have words to describe how I felt on reading this from you. Tears streaked down.. and I thought, I am still worthy of certain precious things in life that cannot be bought with money, fame or power..
      At this juncture of my life, where a series of failures are piercing self doubt into my courage, you compare my words with Bhagwad Gita!!
      What more can I ask from god??
      And you call yourself selfish?! Yes selfish to ask me to trust again on myself.
      May be if I ever write a book, can I get your first autograph on it..,?
      Yes the soft is strong now, on seeing your faith in me.
      Prayers for you, all my life…

  3. This is inspirational. Very beautifully crafted. Keep writing 🙂

  4. “And the pearl won……..” But whom are you referring to as the pearl?
    I’m very bad at understanding metaphors.

    • The pearl here is a multi dimensional metaphor.
      It refers to somebody who was tactful and lucky enough to gain from the tussle between the oyester and the ocean..intending or not intending it.
      It also refers to your inner voice that if negative ( the enemy within )can murder your positivity and progress. So you cannot insulate yourself from it. All you can do is encoat it in positivity, transform it into a guiding source, make it a pearl…
      So ultimately, you survive, but in reality, your conscience wins…

  5. nice one ….keep it up…

  6. powerful thought !

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