LOVE. Lost and found.

A Hindu married a Muslim,
And two sisters grew in the womb,
Little then did they know,
They will build each others tomb…

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ● ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ● ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ● ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ● ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~


Borders are like birds,
They will fly wherever they want to.
Nations are like clouds,
They will drift wherever they like to.

But people are the skies,
They will have to stay back,
To witness all birds and clouds,
Good-bad, light and dark.

Soldiers, wars, battles, gun fights,
Matters trivial, wrongs and rights…
One after the other, shot after shot,
The opportunity for love- lost.
Mountains, rivers, valleys and snow.
What do we fight for,
Do we really know?

We are warring over the Indus,
So much blood, so much loss!
Diplomacy determined, treaty after treaty.
But let’s sign just one for, only water and humanity

Long back the two sisters separated,
From a womb- beaten, exasperated.
The blood evaporated,
In the two lands devastated.
But their love reverberated.
Somehow it was fated…

Across fences, across borders,
Across politics and Army’s orders.
Across Namaste and Namaaz.
Singing stories of sisterhood,
That once was…


Nations emerged, religions evolved,
The hatred remained, but the love too revolved.

Across Diwali,Holi or Eid,
Connections emerged from deep beneath.
Untying knots, tied by cynics,
Uniting hearts, broken by fanatics.

Why haven’t we learnt anything from,
Your Ammi and my Mummy,
Who were Mothers with a big heart?
Why do we build  such Narrow Nations,
Where love breathes its last?

Why can’t we prize peace,
Over guns and grenades?
Why can’t we silently separate,
But yet not part ways?


Long ago, A Muslim married a Hindu,
And two sisters were born,
To tell the world a story,
With so much to learn.



PS:  I grew up learning that nations could be friends or enemies too. And that nations could love and hate, just like you. And this brought along the story that  history had to tell and with it so many notions of good, bad, ugly…hostile or friendly.
But who were the nations? Were they not the people who lived in them?
And how can nations hate, when their people loved each other?

I never could understand the “facts” that history presented.
I never could understand the “acts” that present demanded,
but yet had to be drawn from history.
Couldn’t we just start fresh- reset, rewind, unlock and clear our mind?
Shed the burden of the past?

And then one day, I was fortunate to meet the people, whose nation I had so long known. It struck me then that, had I known that there could exist a love unknown? I met Maria Imran here. We instantly fell in love with each others thoughts, and perhaps with each other too.
Two people-from two religions, from two nations, from two lands, across one border, from one womb of time.
Both were devout patriots, both religious. And perhaps that united us more than it could have divided. Gradually the bonds grew stronger, until I had fallen in love with this tiny part of Pakistan, yes in  Maria Imran.
She had written a piece about me and I had been overjoyed, overwhelmed with tears. I had wanted to dedicate something to her, but never found my words worthy of her. Yet, today on Eid, I thought of gifting her this, my love.
Meri Pyaari Maria.
Hope you like my Eid gift.
The stories that we knew, weren’t that true.
But we have begun new stories now…and hope these would turn true.
The rest of our story waits to be written with time.
Until then , I Believe,love is lost.And found.

With love,
From across the border.

52 responses to “LOVE. Lost and found.

  1. Wonderful thoughts expressed beautifully.

  2. Hiii,
    The poem is really very touchy…It brought tears in my eyes…I wish if there were no such discrimination and we all stay together….I have the same perspective like u and will hope for the best till my death…thank u soo much…keep posting more…….

    • Hi Shreya! Thank you for coming by and appreciating my thoughts. I sincerely hope that our shared perspective turns true one day.
      I am humbled. Stay Blessed!

  3. Asalaam Waleikum from India!

    This was beautifully written. I’m glad I landed on this post while searching for bloggers from Pakistan who have written something about peace between the two nations.

    I would love it if we could collaborate and work on any such idea together and write something for both our blogs, as guest posts, or otherwise.

    Would love to hear from you. 🙂

    • Hi Sarthak! Wa alaikum assalam wa rahmatu Allah from India too ! 🙂 I guess you thought I was from Pakistan. No issues 🙂
      If you still are enthusiastic about collaborations we can outrightly start. Else you may have a good look at my fellow blogger list- a good many from our neighbourhood.
      I salute your intent and resolute for Aman ki Ashaa.
      Had a visit to your blog and must say I was amused.
      would love to hear from you too 🙂
      Namaste and have a great day!

  4. This is so beautiful…. in the end love always rules and that day will surely come 🙂

  5. Dear….I feel that beneath a soft exterior and an unassuming demeanor…….you are a very expressive and powerful writer. A message well conveyed with correct expressions n innate emotions. Very rightly said that the love still reverberates…..lets have souls to feel and appreciate.God Bless.

  6. A post written beautifully stating a stark reality. Yet let us believe in the power of human feelings of love and compassion that a day will come when borders would be pulled down.

    Kind regards 🙂

  7. Great thoughts ,tragic reality ,religion is to unite us not to divide us..but its a reality in that part of the world ,especially in the Arab world. Best regards.

    • True Jalal. We use it to divide not to unite us. We intentionally focus more on the bad memories and bring ourselves pain, than on the good moments and settle in peace.
      Thanks for dropping by!Good Day!

  8. this is unique and words valuable. Thank you for sharing!

  9. Read this on Maria’s blog. Pretty powerful. Loved it. 🙂

  10. I read the entire post and wanted to comment on both your blogs. Such a heart-warming friendship. I once wrote a short poem which I think is apt for this post…hope you enjoy it:

    If I die on your side of the border~
    return my body for cremation~
    bury my soul next to your ancestors~
    I am a child of two lands

  11. This one was really nice…
    I wish such love exist across the globe…… 🙂


    • Oh my god! What a lovely dream you have seen, I really do wish that happens so 😀 aww, why aren’t you the PM?!!
      Thank you so much for such terrific appreciation and imagination and creativity and encouragement. ..and everything 😀

  13. night is a reflection of day and vice versa, I wish you many beautiful dreams which will reflect your life : ) cheers

  14. Your masterpiece is a bridge beyond borders. And the peculiar line is “Across Namaste and Namaaz”, just loved it.

    • Santosh everytime I read something from you here, I cannot measure my joy. So happy that you loved it. Thanks for being such a precious friend.

  15. I was reading and reading and
    it was so bful that I felt lyk it ended soon, ,,

    • Ohh! How I wish, these words from you weren’t anonymous.
      This is one of those historic times where im told that,” Pamela, it ended soon ” 😛 thank you so much. Only beautiful people can feel the beauty around them.

  16. Religion can only bind all together. Not divide us. Pray that people understand.

  17. Truly, a master piece. May you create the changes you want to see.
    God bless you.

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  19. Well written Pamela. I too have a friend from Pak and thanks to her I know now few good things about Islam and Pak. People from both sides wanted peace but good wishers are not in decisive position and so we are suffering. May Krishna bless more people with positive thoughts and your words reach to the world. Happy Eidm. Happy Teej and Have a good day. Keep Writing.

    • Sunnyji thank you so much for being in sync with my thoughts and taking time to encourage. Thank you so much for reblogging this as well.
      Honestly when we can do nothing, atleast we can pray for the well being of the world.
      Wish you a happy eid and a happy teej too!

  20. I was born in Canada, but my roots are Pakistani and my religion is Islam. My best friend is an Indian SIkh (born in Malaysia). I have known him since we were 8 years old…he was the first shoulder I cried on when both of my parents passed away, he is more than family and if I ever went to battle, I wouldn’t need to turn around because I know he would already have my back. This is not a dreamy delusion…this is reality in how we found common ground to be friends and we celebrate our differences. I wish a friend like this upon everyone, even you, “The Mindset”.

    • Wajahat I am so glad that you wrote such a lovely and genuine thing here…straight from your heart, your words pour in. And true that some people are not that fortunate as you and me to have good friends and good experiences in life, who could teach them to celebrate the differences…but then, to build new experiences, especially good ones, one needs to let go of the unpleasant ones as well…
      I really wish that your wish for everyone turns true.
      Happy Eid!

  21. Reblogged this on Randomlyabstract's Blog and commented:
    I love it to bits, Pamela.

    Some connections are just meant to be. And no borders, orders, or fences can help separate those. This is one such, and I am EXTREMELY grateful!
    Thanks a million, and another million! YOUR EIDI MADE MY DAY. ❤

    • I am so so happy my dear, that you liked your Eidi. Yes some connections are certainly meant to be… no matter what. Indeed I should be be grateful to you for the gift of your friendship. 🙂 god bless us all!

  22. a dream-like poem, just let’s remember that some of us have dreams which are nightmares!

    • True Samanaji , dream like this is, but I am seeing this dream and feeling happy seeing it. True that some of us have dreams which are nightmares. But we see painful nightmares with closed eyes and a sleeping mind, should we bring that pain again and again with eyes open and mind awake. Is it not better to to see good dreams and be happy…

  23. Very nicely written Pamela…needless to say as always u make me dumbfornded with ur choice of words… 🙂

  24. you live in your own dreamy disillusional world.

  25. straight from the heart!!! sweet..

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