The Dying Flame.

The insomniac ink,
can only think,
in the middle of mid-night,
when thoughts brave her fears might.

I wonder, who to blame?
the one who lit the candle flame,
or the one who blew off the same?

What if I tell their name?
And you found both of them same?
Would you believe my story still?
of wax and winds on closed window sill?

So here! Please Hear!!

I met Him as a noble man,
demanding justice for a woman.
Lighting candles at the India Gate,
to condemn the Woman’s sorry fate.

images (9)

I look back and think-
where I met you?
Who you are?
What I had thought you were?

Yes!You are the Candle-March-Man!
You were the one who held candle marches,
when “Nirbhaya” was Raped.
When “Jessica” was killed.

You are the one,
who has done the same again.
To ME.

Go on.
March with a candle again.
That certainly will erase all my pain.

Go on.
Post your picture on your Facebook wall.
Get a thousand shares and “likes”.
that’s the wish of this dying Girl.

You took away my dignity today.
You didn’t kill me,
and let me pray.
For mercy. A bit of it.
“Kill my body too,
if you kill the soul in it”...

You Left me on the highway,
like a burnt out candle stub.
with blood like molten wax,
but no hope for a flame to rub.

Damini India Raped Death

Left me to die,
to crawl-to wriggle-to Death.
With excruciating pain,
pleading perseverance.
until I met my fate.

You saw my body through my clothes,
devouring my flesh in varied curves.
But you couldn’t see the pain in my cries,
and the curves of bloodied tear drops...


Now I should hide in shame,
cover my face and run from the world.
you have saved your pride of being a MAN,
Proved your Power, over a “Weak Woman”.

I should wear a mask and never show my face,
You already wear one.
So please go on with grace.

fake face

Because, I am the victim.
You are the victor.
I should be ashamed,
but not you Mister!

You need not light candles for me
and pity my poor fate.
I pity Your hypocrisy,
Oh! My Candle-march-mate!

Since the human in you,
has died long ago,
and a hypocrite has filled the hole.

I can only pray with pity,
“May your Soul Rest in Peace.
Mine would Never”...


34 responses to “The Dying Flame.

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  2. What a composition and strong expression of words… very touching…

  3. Poignant and touching. Reading this makes one to think and reflect deeply and yet leads us nowhere. At such times it is only Hope that we can cling on to.
    Thank you Pamela.

  4. please pardon me for the typo.

  5. Dear Pamela,

    I confess, I hardly read poetry. But, your thoughts weaved a magic carpet, which invites everyone to be with it and takes to traverse through uncluttered feelings. You are blessed.

    As regards your father, I saw that in Delhi newspapers, but I never thought I was your Papa. I hope he must be doing fine and back to work. As soon as I saw that piece on your blog, I called up on your number which was recorded last. No response, Tried umpteen number of times, just to know about your Papa.

    Glad to see that you still keep connected yourself to Delhi. Your status indicates you are from Delhi and Bbsr.

    God Bless you.



    • Indeed im blessed sir that you bestow me with piles of such praise. 🙂
      Yes Daddy got to face such a scene in life…that has strengthened not only him but us as well. I always thought that , like every daughter considers her father a hero, I too do. But after this, I truly believe he deserves to be so.

      Yes a lot of numbers changed infact. Im better contacted thru mail or my blog 😛
      And ofcoz sir, wherever I am a part of my heart will always stay back in Delhi. I am taken by the place infact 🙂
      Hope Nandini is doing great.. n u and Madam too.
      Lots of regards,

  6. Ouffff! Very strong and well written. A growing fact isn’t it?
    Shame the innumerable culprits probably don’t read wordpress. 😦
    Thank you for sharing.

  7. powerful, the fate of women in India 😦 but then it is great that a young Indian woman can and is writing it, there are places where this would be impossible 😦 Peace and Love. Wanda

  8. reading it made me really sad and then thoughtful. very brilliantly you have brought out the hypocrisy in our society. would be wonderful if you write more analyzing the fundamental causes and also what should be done in short, medium and long term … for the national dialogue has been limited to medium and short term only.

    • Thank you Chinmay for finding time to read and relate..
      Yes, I will try to write more of those dimensions in the future, hopefully.
      Like you have said, short term has always been the focus. Because everybody wants to get noticed, in a glamorous way, presenting quick formulas for problem solving and adopting short cuts..
      Thus while candle marches seem the most risk free, easy and glamorous way out to project concern, acting upon the same concern and conviction in pressing times, without caring about ulterior interests, is something that people find hard to do.

  9. Pamela, you have left a very strong and meaningful message to our society here. As I read from different sources, our society used to be magnanimous in ancient times which has later succumbed to this horrific culture which is deprived of humanity. Hope, the billion Indians understand it soon and let the change of prosperity and respect for every Individual prevail. Of course, it needs contributions from everyone.

    • Thank you so much Jyoti for your generous appreciation.
      Yes, thus horrific culture of hypocrisy has to be banished soon. Rightly pointed out that we have become modern in the most traditional and dogmatic manner…double faced to be precise.
      Hope the change comesas fast as the candle burns away..

  10. Anguished… 😦
    Lots expressed in few words

  11. Our country will change, ,,, Raising voice in dis way is the first step.

  12. I have not, until now, been a admirer of poetry. I say, “Until Now” because i observe the pain, the anger, the oppressive and biased gender perspective of the human society as well as the force and authority lurking behind this awesome work of yours. A Feminine perspective always lends strength, voice and compassion to such a tragic and unfortunate problem that our society including ourselves, our family and whole lot of social institutions are riddled with.

    Firstly, your view about hypocrisy of Men are well founded, though not universal. It can well be extended to all societies, especially ours which have been left behind in understanding, recognising and respecting women. Our religion, customs, traditions in some form or another have always attempted (and been doing so) to control and regulate women’s life–be it her body or her intellect or her freedom. We still find remnants of the oppressive and exploitative past in myriad forms– in family, schools, colleges, workplace and what-not. The rules–told and untold, and the methods to enforce them through ghettoisation, marriage, reproduction transcend the barriers of space and time, thereby encompassing in its violent grip children, youth, adults and the aged. Victimisation of the victim is a powerful mechanism to subjugate the other-half to lower rung of societal ladder. Somehow, we have chosen or may I say socialized, to view women through the lens of ‘the other gender’, whose life and decisions must be controlled and decided by the so-called men. In this process, we have failed to see and acknowledge the pain behind that forced smile, the dream behind that role of mother and wife, the fear behind that brave step to school, the sacrifice behind that compromise ,the spirit to find meaning of her life through her own path. Gender violence is one aspect which had been enforced and promoted by a patriachal set up. By attaching honour of the family,clan to her body, we have restricted her existence to her body only. It is quite rare to find a man who doesn’t say that “I want a good person to marry”, instead the clamour is for “fair,beautiful,slim” . Why do we find it so difficult to find the person trapped in that body!!! Why do we not let her pursue her dreams and live her life on her own terms!!! Why cannot we accept that we have no right to her body unless and untill she consents!!! Is it so difficult or we are simply hiding behind the societal norms to rationalise our conduct!!!
    We all know the answer as well as the solution. Why don’t we start with our own family by bringing up our sons and daughters without any discrimination!!! Why don’t we let our boys understand that someone’s body and soul is his/her only!!! Why don’t we let our girls to live her life and find a meaning to it!!!
    The broader problem is everyone seems to accept the facte that she has no right to live–peacefully and honourablly– once her body has been violated. Honour lies in her heart, her character and her soul. The body is just transient, what will remain after her is her work, how well she lived her life. By chosing to live, she is no more the victim. She becomes the victor, the Pheonix who rises from its ashes.
    But I know, this is not easy– not for her.Unfortunately, she has to take the lead. Men will never let her go. But, she will need our support,care, conviction and unfailing and unconditional love. She will need a friend,a philosopher, a guide. Cannot we be this much!!! Cannot we do this much for her, who lives her entire life to make us happy!!! I think we can and we must.

    • Oooooooooooooooooooooohhhhh Sooooooooooooooooreeee 😀
      Long but really forceful message.
      Loved everything about it, especially, the statement, “honour lies in her heart”
      I wish the world had a heart as humongous and magnanimous as yours.
      Wish you all love and luck suri.
      Thanks a trillion, for these billion words.

      • Yeah is very academic…i guess it stems from influence of sociology and me being a feminist.
        Thanks for reading such a long speech. Waiting for more such work of beauty. It gives pleasure to mind and soul in these times of stress and fear.

  13. This poetry soaked in pain…can pierce through the most impermeable heart and force out tears…

    Your thoughts and your literary marvel never cease to amaze and spellbound me.

    I bow to you…

  14. Wonderful……your writings are always forcing me to ponder the topic at higher level……more than perfect picture selection as usual…

  15. OMG I wonder how can you manage to collect such beautiful words and sew them in the form of such beautifully rhyming lines…. Your poetry and your thoughts are wonderful Pamela. They touched my heart…. Your sentiments are beautifully described. The photos are perfect girl.

    • Oh Lala! you are always so generous with appreciation and love. Thank you dear for loving me and my poetry, unbound and immeasurable …
      its sheer joy to read your words here.

  16. touching lines and contemplating, sad truth @victim-victor relation… dissent would be a lie…one (@man) needs to ask oneself,”would it have been the same expression (stare, comments, or ‘the worst physical indignity’) if someone from own family or someone he loves would have been infront?

    • Thank you venky for understanding and empathizing with the essence.
      The question you raised is so true. If only people thought like you.
      Blessed I’m that you are here.

  17. Oh what a poem !! Thought provoking !! The pics are just perfect with the flow and they speak for themselves.

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