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Someday I dream…

My dream

Someday I dream, that they could dream too.
Of going to School like me and you.
Of wearing a proud uniform,
in bright white and blue.

Leaving behind the pots and pans.
Leaving behind the fields and farms.
Leaving behind the kitchen fire,
or collecting firewood until they tire.

or baby-sitting their tiny brother,
or serving food for their farmer father.
or carrying water on their head,
while their brother snores on the bed.

And when they dream of Chalks and slate,
their mother bangs them,
for an unswept floor, an unwashed plate.

Or sometimes when,
they have grown big and tall,
they are sent to the towns,
to make money for all.

Sometimes as maids in a rich mansion,
or an object for Man’s consumption.

Or sometimes made a Mother,
when she herself is a child.
taught to endure pain,
when she should have been unbridled and wild.

Made a Doll, to be played by the world,
when she should have played with a doll.
Given nothing by the world,
while the world takes away her all.

Naughtiness, laughter and childhood too,
She has grown up,
before she grew.

Someday if She could hold the pencil,
in her frail hands.
Someday then, walk to school,
through dusty hinterlands.

Someday, if a book she could read.
Someday, if the world paid her heed…

Someday I dream, that they could dream too.
Of going to School like me and you.

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The Poem is inspired by my Visit to a Tribal Village in Odisha, called Malidoliamba.
The pictures shot me with pangs of pain, while I shot them for my Post-Graduation Theses.
Some of which I shared with you above.

PS: Literacy rate of India pegged improvement at 74.04% in the 2011 Census. But gender gap in literacy pegged at a high too of 17%- male literacy rate 82.14% and female literacy rate 65.46%. While there is only a 17% gap in statistics, the real attitudinal gap will weigh greater than 70%.
This is reflected in all the other arenas. A high Infant Mortality Rate of 47 per 1000 live births. And an equally shocking Maternal Mortality rate of 212 per 100,000 live births.
And this terrible truth reflects in the demographics as well. A Sex Ratio of 940 females per 1000 males and a still lower Child Sex Ratio of 914 females per 1000 males.

This is the story of the missing girls- Missing even before they could be found…
Someday I dream they are all found.
Someday I dream they find their dreams too.

As I write this on the Children’s Day,
I Dream…
Someday, they would all know,
that they have a Children’s Day.