Rounded. GrounDead!


Yak upon a Yak!

The Post is dedicated to my Dear Chubby Hubby!
Celebrating 2years of Togetherness and 20 years of broken promises that you will lose weight ‘soon’.
“All the characters, incidents and places in this Picture-Post are purely fictitious personal and real. Resemblance to any person living ( and not-dead-if-he-loses-weight) or any incident or place is purely coincidental intended.”

The thoughts from the wild brain of Dr.Sahib have been stolen by me for your Entertainment. Laugh at us and Laugh with us! 😀


Round- the Universal Shape.
She won’t understand,
a woman so naive!

Bun on her head.
Bun like a bread.

Planets in space.
Her moon-shaped face.

Bindi between the bride’s brows.
her bangles- red, green and rose.

Roti rotund.
silk worm cocooned.

Raindrops from the sky.
Football flying high.

Eggs and Potatoes and tomatoes too.
Hippos and Elephants in the Zoo.

Jingling coins in Papa’s Pocket,
Pin holes of an electric socket.

Wheels of a whamming truck.
And our cyclic luck!
That fails and fails,
and up again rises.
Life is full of mystery and surprises!!

You never can tell,
when you think you are a ZERO.
The world may hail you,
and make you a HERO.

A Zero before is a worthless round.
A Zero after can be a million pound.

Mathematics and Physics what could they be?
hadn’t they found ‘The Round’!
But She wouldn’t admit my significance,
and barks like a maniac hound! 😦

Centripetal force acts on the centre of the round.
the Benzene ring was a circle since its found.

The Decimal also a tiny dot.
The “O” in English,
when I say, I lOve her a lOt!! 😛

What if I’m a Round as well?
Why mock and boo and break the hell!

I don’t diet or gym,
or count calorie.
Because Round is the Shape,
Where in lies the Glory!! 😀


42 responses to “Rounded. GrounDead!

  1. U are most welcome dear. I am very much active to each of your blogs as I find them too interesting. Keep sharing your experiences.

  2. Dear pamela ‘rob hall’,anatoli boukreev,and scott fischer are the heroes of mount Everest and perfect story for your poetry this winter.Please write something.

  3. Hi guys. Belated happy anniversary and Happy New Year as well. U both look awesome. Stay happy always..

  4. First of all I would like to congratulate both of you on your Wedding Anniversary. You guys make a cute couple 🙂 Secondly, I am so sorry, when I first saw your picture I thought he is your younger brother :p By the way nice post 🙂
    Stay Blessed always! 🙂

    • Mariam ji! Thanks a tonne for the lovely wishes. I wouldn’t blame you for mistaking him as my brother… 99.9% in the world think so 🙂
      Lots and lots of thank you, for the visit.

  5. Wonderfully charming! and a belated thanks for your visits to my blog, I’ve been remiss in responding – in a writers retreat – now looking forward to a leisurely stroll through many of my favorite poems and pics over the holiday season. feliz navidad y feliz año nuevo

  6. Hey 🙂
    cant believe i never pressed the follow button on your blog, all that time i thought i had done it way back 😛

    I have nominated you for ‘Very Inspiring Blogger Award’. Find further details @

  7. soul . to . earth

    Tons of wishes and blessings for your anniversary today, Pamela! Btw, your hubby’s cheeks match your cheek! 😉

    When I was a kid, an older cousin (on the chubbier side) w/ a great sense of humour told me to use ‘pleasantly plump’ instead of ‘chubby’ – I never forgot his cool advice……! All jokes apart, if someone is a good person and has a real spine (metaphorically speaking), the rest rarely matters. 😀

    • Hi Radhika! Thank you so much 🙂 Deepali is really loving ‘pleasantly plump’ 😉 but like u said, goodness is wat really matters. And touchwood!! I think I have got tht in him.
      So glad to get your wishes.
      Lots and lots of love to you. 🙂

      • soul . to . earth

        Sorry, I can’t resist being cheeky: The animal was ‘armed’ in the taking of this photo, eh? 😀
        See ya in 2015…….enjoy and keep up the writing!

  8. First of all Pamela, I NEVER had the Idea that this is your Husband’s photo. When I saw it on Facebook, I though may be your younger brother or someone. He looks so chubby and Innocent yaar lol and secondly, I laughed out loud while reading your poetry lol He must be happy to read all this beautiful praise about me and I bet he would be blown up a little more 😛 Many many cheers to the beautiful couple. Love you always !

    • Haha Lala! My brother! Younger brother!! Actually even when we had gone fr a trip to a couple’s destination, a lady on the bus asked me by pointing at him, tht whether he was my brother! 😀
      I then pointed at her husband and said, “he is my brother, just like HE is your brother” 😛
      Thanks Lala for being back again! Lots of love! !

  9. Lovely happy couple! Your hubby is too cute 🙂

  10. Beautiful couple. May Krishna bless you both.


  12. Congratulations!! A lovely post….good wishes and prayers for you both. Incidentally, my parents’ 52nd anniversary today!

  13. Well and beautifully said. 🙂

  14. Many many congratulations to both of you, wish you great time ahead 🙂

  15. wow – such dedicated and beautiful post – very enjoyable!

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