Nature is a poem minus words,
a thousand chosen couplets,
from the dreams of the Gods.


Diamond dew, on flowers frail,
silver storms at the ocean’s tail.

Butterflies in flight,
and their shadows on the soil.
Sparrows snuggling,
after a days toil.

A leaf dancing solo
through the summer air,
from the eerie eucalyptus
on the laterite chair.


Waters, seemingly flowing
aimlessly to the world’s eyes.
Yet reaching their own predetermined goal,
breaking away from their Earthly ties.

beetles and bees busy preparing,
for the blank white winter’s cold.
Grasses growing little twigs above,
but strong roots beneath, deepening their hold.

saplings tender, so full of life,
peeping from nowhere,
from lifeless lands, barren, bare!


Clouds or cotton balls?
In skies jungle,
the foxes fumble
and the Lion mauls…

The Touch me not, shying away..
like from a lover’s touch
on an unexpected day.

Gulmohur red and gold as a bride,
Silver firs talking to the clouds with pride.
“You may shine silver.
But more Silver I do hide”


All comes and all but goes,
where each being with harmony grows.
lives and believes and departs one day,
leaving behind withered and gray.
to rot beneath this earthen pot.
in a form that it was not.


Majestic mountains might seem mini.
Even tiny Ants have duties many.
Big and small.
Nature has them all.

Each to teach a lessons few,
to rediscover life,
one thought one knew!

O Nature!
No poet’s pen can pen down your beauty,
No painter’s brush paint your bounty,
No photographers’ frame can capture your colour.
No philosopher’s thoughts testify your valour.
No princes’ treasure can buy your riches ,
No prophet’s wisdom preach what Nature teaches.


O Nature!!
Invisible you are in a drop,
and anonymous the drop in the sea.
Your Majesty! I could never comprehend thee!

No Hymns hummed for this hero.
No Songs sung for this soul,
You cannot relish it in plucked fragments,
you ought to rejoice it in whole.

O Nature!
The mysterious teacher!!


I am in love with my hometown’s serenity, its solitude. Sunabeda is the Mountain’s daughter, brought up by soothing sunshine, reprimanded by torrential rains, pacified by winter fogs, … It has a poem scripted on each leaf, flower and cloud. It has magic in its breath that makes each one a poet. And I am no exception!

31 responses to “~Nature~

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  2. So poetic and beautiful set of photos! Bye. Kamila

  3. Mesmerizing words which capture the divinity of nature. Cheers and best regards. 🙂

  4. lucky to be born & brought up in sunabeda…”mountain’s daughter” 🙂
    fortunate enough as well to have been encountered u pam 🙂
    Thanx for ur humbleness everytime i met u :-*

  5. Wow Pamela. This is an amazing poem, so fresh ! Starting from ‘Nature is a poem, minus words” to diamond dew to touch me not as a lover’s touch to everything, you have described the nature around you so beautifully. No words other than these could have described it so perfectly. Hope you are having the best time of your life. Stay happy wherever you are ! Lots of love and hugs.

  6. Awesome stuff! The words used and the way they’re put together are simply brilliant. Keep writing. 🙂

  7. it’s said that ‘nature’ is in the heart of a person, who actually sees it …ur wordings, thoughts really..take me to the zenith of happiness. .honestly whenever I’m in despair, i just open ur blogs..while going through ur writings i get rejuvenated , a great hope from inside sprouts for a new a endeavor…so….go on helping us so that we can help ourselves. .

  8. excellent full of magical natural beauty put in words

  9. Beautifully expressed… 🙂 It took me back to my school days, where the famous nature poet for us was Wordsworth..

  10. Pamela!
    “Nature is a poem minus words,” — Awesome start to an awesome comeback.
    Welcome back! 🙂

  11. Extremely beautiful and breathtaking this is.

  12. The poetic Pamela
    And your primo poem 🙂

    Your creative thoughts and your choice of words, it can’t be better.

  13. Yes..it is nature’s beauty.Really Sunabeda (Odisha) beautiful place of nature.Fabulous explanation!!😊

  14. Your word selection is absolutely the best.

  15. Beautiful words, it certanly made my day!

  16. Lovely words….

    I don’t know how many poets Sunabeda had before you !

    I trust Sunabeda must be the magical daughter of Mountains, only because Subabeda’s daughter says so !!

    But is it just pure love of the magic…. or the poem is penned by Pamela out of the feeling of pangs of the impending separation from those mountains, flowers, clouds & all…?

    From being the beautiful daughter of Sunabeda, you had moved to be a dutiful bride….And now embarking on another solemn journey, which you know will take you to a different world, out of your ‘own’ Sunabeda…

    I wish you all the best in that journey… God bless !

    Rip Van Winkle

    • Thank you so much Mamu. Reading your comments is such encouragement to keep writing…
      True that its both pure live and thoughts of impending separation that dwell on me now… Hence this poem.

  17. lovely…..so well expressed !!!

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