Today she met with an accident,
As she lay dying,
people passed by her.
deciding to plunder even her mortal remains.

Robbing her of her torn robes,
and her trinkets- one after the other.
lynching her layer by layer,
a sight to shudder!

Tears oozed through her bruises,
blood gushed down her eyes…
As the road moved on,
oblivious to her cries.

Vehicles blamed her for the traffic jam,
people didn’t bother to pretend humane.

And she lay lifeless, wincing,
in excruciating pain,
shriveling up lonely
in the crowded lane…

No FIR was filed, no help offered,
no sympathy was shown, none bothered.

As she breathed her last that day,
she pleaded to God- her one last say,
“Lord! sprinkle some humanity to the humans,
your compassionate creation, the genius ones!!”

she wouldn’t ride cars,
nor would she own homes,
But wouldn’t she own her own breath?

Shouldn’t she have the right to live?
Even if she isn’t the “fine human”.

Yes, what if she’s a Tree?
The Peepul or the People-
Today, I don’t know whom to pity!!



Once, I sat through a traffic jam in a road blocked by a fallen tree. It was a beautiful Peepul tree that we claimed had encroached unto our road. It was chopped off that day and lay there in the middle of the road, bringing the traffic to a halt. It was huge and people struggled to move it out of the way. They decided to rip it apart branch by branch, to clear it out easily.

They blamed it for the traffic jam it had caused- as if dying such cruel death, lynched layer by layer- was its own choice!

It was such a painful sight. And all I could do was write poetry…

The Peepul or the People- Truly, I don’t know whom to pity!!




35 responses to “Pity!

  1. Pamela, Could you please give permission to recite one of your works (“Pity” or “Nature”) by my daughter in her school competition.

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  3. Damn. I almost thought it’s a real life incident about a real girl. Though Knowing that it was a beautiful tree, feels equally painful. We are destroying natural beauty that our earth has and filling the space up with man-made artificial objects and that’s not right. Nothing that’s happening is right anymore.
    Hope you are doing good Pamela. Your poem was beautiful.

    • Thanks a tonne Lala. I am good. and so good to hear from you. yes it pains always to find the nature being brought to this fate… loads of love to you. hope you’re doing great!

  4. lover of peepul n people

    Dont know about the lord,but ur writings,ur empathy and ur heart warming attitude does serve as a sprinkler of humanity.
    thanks and many happy returns of the day…………

  5. Adhikari Narendra Bhusan Mallick

    Didi I’m just your big big big big big to the power infinity fan…
    Love your writings…☺

  6. Adityaa Mohanty

    Very well framed

  7. Beautifully expressed dear.. I always pity “The People” including me 😦

  8. Beautifully expressed.

  9. I can see your emotion there … ‘All I could do is write a poetry’.. When I say please don’t cut the tree , they say be practical..when I reuse the paper thinking it can help save a tree ,they say I am stingy..

  10. another toughing master piece…such a wonderful poem..

  11. Dear, after long time, i read your blog, you are fantastic and marvels in writing skills of course you are now good administrative also. Ii suggest you to write books on social cause and i believe you will be one of the finest authors in future

  12. B’ful lines dear… well envisaged nd articulated. Love the way u pen down

  13. very well articulated..thoughtful, sensitising, worth contemplating; hope we think & act before its too late..!

  14. Lovely and touching lines… Thanks Nani for being an inspiration …:)

  15. Resonner..live again..awesome as always 🙂

  16. Superb narration !!!

  17. the earth is being destroyed each day!!pity on us..so called “the humans”….hope these humans rise up n leave their muggy attitude n give a tight hug to nature everyday..n realise ..thank u for such a wonderful poem

  18. Pravash Chandra Mishra

    Good that you still retain the innate empathy… and the head at the right place ! God bless..

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