): हँसी (:

लोग पूछते हैं मुझसे,
“तुम इतना कैसे मुस्कुरा पाती हो ?
तुम झूठी हो जो
खोखली हँसी हमें दिखती हो!”

परवाह मेरी मुहसे भी
ज़्यादा करते हैं!
लोग मेरी हँसी से
काफ़ी डरते हैं !!

परवाह उन्हें ये नहीं,
कि वो खुश क्यों नहीं ।
फ़िक्र बड़ी इस बात की,
कि मैं मायूस क्यों नहीं ?!?

खुश जब मैं काफ़ी होती हूँ ,
उस दोपहर फ़िर काफ़ी रोती हूँ।

नज़र जो लगती है मेरी हँसी को,
ज़माने की ।
क्या करूँ ! मेरी फ़ितरत में नहीं
हँसी छिपाने की ।

हँसती रहूंगी मैं ,
चाहे कितनी भी खोखली क्यों न हो।
दो ऑंसू ही टपक जाएं,
ज़ख्म कितनी भी गहरी क्यों न हो।

रोते हुए जो आई थी,
हँसते चेहरे दिख गए थे।
हँसते हुए जो जाऊँगी,
दुनिया रोती रह जाएगी …

शायद। …. शायद ?

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29 responses to “): हँसी (:

  1. Very deep ……beautifuly expressed and well writen

  2. Hamesha tum aise hi muskurate rehna…. yehi meri duaa hai 🙂

  3. Your Beauty,Intelligence and courage reminds me of Viollete Zabo.

  4. what are you goddess SARASWATI??
    Hats off for you.

  5. You are an all rounder.a star girl.
    Bravo bravo.. .
    Planning for K2 Summit the next season.Preomise me that you will pen a poetry on me if I die climbing.
    If I succeed ,will write your name on the top of the world and of course ,will send you a pic of that.

  6. Hasti rho hamesha …aise hi …sab haste rhe ….

  7. Preeti shenoy(PS)-only indian woman with a best seller
    and this indiblogger(after this post in true sense) showing true versatility
    hope it is a sign of things to come
    wonderful thing to read on your birthday…………

  8. lovely mam !! my passion for writing became intense when i came across your blog 🙂

  9. As always, nicely expressed! 🙂 Because it’s almost 20 years since I read anything in Hindi, it took me a while to read this. Also because I need reading glasses now, ha, ha!
    Btw, that nice photo of you ‘horsing’ around inspired me to pen some silly prose:
    Pamela ki hassi
    mein main phasi!
    Jo ghodey ne mara nahi aapko laat
    to aap likh sake itni acchi baat!

    • Wow. Apki kitni achi hindi hai ab tak. Loved your cute poem ^_^ . Waise when I was cantering on the horse, it threw me off to the ground. Bas laat marna baki tha 😂
      How have you been. It’s a while since we connected 🙂

  10. Sudhir Kumar Tewari

    Very nice.. really it gives hope to others that all has not finished, doesn’t matter how sad we are inside…

  11. touching..!

  12. Perfect! Worthy of being included in a school textbook because the world needs more laughter and positivity

  13. beautifully written… and so true 🙂

  14. Pamela… This is super awesome😘😘… So so true .. Luved the poem for it depicts the real world …

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