~ Stained Glass ~

Aren’t we all a piece of
stained glass pottery?
Trotting through life,
playing through its lottery.

We begin with a white, worthless,
see-through shard.
Inconspicuous, fragile, off guard!

In the quest to add a liitle value to ourselves,
We pick some colours from the world’s shelves.

We become stained glass-
A cathedral’s window
Or a flower vase.

The light changes us sometimes.
At others we change it to
a spectrum sublime.

We exchange a few glances
with the world.
Some stories we tell.
Some remain untold.

Then one day we break nevertheless!
The colours go with us
in mysterious ways…
Fragile we still were, to all the way there.
Worthy or worthless?
Who cares!


PS: Metamorphosis of an old neglected vase once inhabited by a moneyplant.
It took refuge under me and I painted it with every colour of my imagination.

4 responses to “~ Stained Glass ~

  1. Mam, I am just speechless about your knowledge.How do you handle this much of talent which is treasured within you?????If I am not wrong you are” THE DICTIONARY ” of “OXFORD DICTIONARY” and “THE ENCYCLOPEDIA ” of knowledge .Just want to bow down.

  2. … and that’s how you inspire me madam….. everyday your personality boosts me a delta amount…. a woman who represents the govt of India, a woman who represents an ideal daughter and daughter-in-law and a woman who represents her visions on life poetically..😊😊🙏🙏💗💗

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