Monthly Archives: April 2019


It’s late. It will always be-
to begin something, to be someone.
Pause you may. Procrastinate too.
But don’t you shy away.

Just Begin.

To learn a new language.
To speak a new tongue.
To pick up a guitar and strum.

To accept you can do better.
To write an apology letter.
To raise a new pet.
To let go & not regret.

To look at dry grasslands,
and find beauty.
To do chores with love,
& not because it’s duty.

To be a little more kind,
yet seem a little more tough.
To keep walking,
when the road seems rough.

To sometimes forgive yourself,
To be the first to offer help.
& expect nothing in return.
To give up wrong beliefs; unlearn.

To dream of doing fancy things,
perhaps playback singing or ice-skating!
To know that you may never do so.
Yet believe that you wouldn’t simply let go.

To spill your creativity as you leave,
to write, to doodle,
to dance or weave.

To begin to ensure you value “YOU”
’cause if you don’t,
the world wouldn’t too.

Never look back. Never feel shy.
Never should you ask, “Oh Why?”

Just begin!

To be a ‘Different You’,
if time asks you to.
to Change; Molt;
Introspect; Revolt!

You may be scared of the noise,
especially if its from you within.
But sometimes you ought to raise your voice.

Trust me. Just Begin!

Begin! Begin!
To cut off toxic ties,
before you choke on living lies.

Muster the courage within.
You’ve taken enough dirt from the world.
It’s about time you begin!

Begin you must,
even when you know-
what you’re beginning,
is the Beginning of an End.