Monthly Archives: October 2019

🌱Crack in the Wall🌱

Grow wherever you’re planted.
An impervious heartless boulder,
Or a placid garden bed.

When you walked the rough,
Your feet must have bled.
Keep walking anyway
Though tears you may shed.

Sometimes as you fiddle,
You may find a crack in the wall.
You rush to break through,
You give it your all.

But often walls are stubborn.
As stubborn as you are.
You can’t give up anyway.
So you brace up for the war.

You slowly break the bricks,
Your roots melt the mortar.
And you make your own
crack in the wall.

You grow at your own pace,
Your roots stumble through your struggle.
Yet you go on with grace.

So may you find your crack in the wall,
Or may you create one.
May you fight and win over,
The rains, wind & the sun.

Sometimes you walk the path you choose.
At others, you walk where the paths led.
And so you grow where you’re planted.

PS: My first Micropen artwork . With a whiny hyper baby, it took me two days to finish it off. The plump woman in the picture, represents the postpartum me😅🤭