If Faith Finds You…

Ever since a child I dreamt of flying.
Flapping my wings ceaselessly I kept on trying.

Each attempt faster
and each try harder…

So hard was the try,
that I was sure to touch the sky.

But turning around, I was shocked when I found,
My bleeding feet still stuck on the ground…

Saddened though But not disheartened for sure…
I promised to myself that I shall endure.

With prayer on my lips and Hope on my eyes,
I waited for the sun to rise…

As disbelief with my Faith fought
‘Is God merciless??’ I thought…

Tears rolling down my cheek,
hopes abandoned, efforts bleak,
and prayers yet unanswered…
I bled and begged in my attempt to be heard…

Wailing in despair…
I heard a voice from nowhere.

It had to be God.
It had to be Him.

He asked me a heinous question..
to comply with which had to be a sin…

I pondered…If he had come to heal…
then how do I comprehend this cruel deal??

I was to mortgage my very dear wings,
to get back my dream to fly…

My heart beats deafening,
I wondered…
whether to kill my dream or choose myself to die.

Drenched in cold sweat…
I couldn’t help but curse my fate.

Calming myself as I tried to bring back faith…
I decided.
I would choose my dream over my death.

Blood oozed down from my already bloody wings…
fell on the floor in curious rings.
My wings were clipped,
my soul ripped…

I was scared.. What If my faith slipped??

The end was nearing
and God still not hearing…
I felt cheated,
with all my faith defeated.

God asked, “Have you lost your dream, your courage and Faith too??.
But my heart said,” You have lost faith. But what If faith found you?”

And It was then that I held on,
with an undaunted faith ever known..

I nodded a wild No
and let him Know…
“I believe in my Faith.
I believe in You too.
And I believe in miracles that you do.”

He smiled…

Then Golden wings from a golden sky,
led me to the stars without a chance to deny.

I turned to thank. To wave back…
But he had disappeared silently into the dark.

I knew…
Faith would tease me,test me.. torment and torture…
But in the end If I endure…
Even If I lose Faith, Faith would find me for sure.

42 responses to “If Faith Finds You…

  1. Madam,It’s a mode of inspiration.

  2. Such poignant words here, thank you for an amazing share. You are blessed, and loved.

  3. And I started to have faith on my faith! Thanks!

  4. Priceless…SORRY but I can’t help mentioning this..my journey seems similar to your’s in more ways than one..I hope I have found some courage to come out with my writings openly..and with 10 days for UPSC Pre..I am reading this!! But hey…”faith will find me” 🙂

    Lots of love Ma’am,

    Random fan girl!

  5. Really inspiring.
    Proud of Odisha.

  6. So true….so inspiring….

  7. hey this is really wonderful post.. 🙂

  8. Really very nice Pamela, Thanks… 😉

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  10. Your words are just so powerful!
    I know this is my third comment, and you might have thought I am quite annoying by now, but after reading this I couldn’t help myself.
    Love the flow of it all. The belief that I find in these words, the ‘trust’, the ‘faith’ is all crafted so splendidly.
    Usually it is our ‘experiences’ that match with our writings. And your story seems the same. Life has taught you great things, and I am pleased to find your blog and get inspired!
    Best regards,

    • Hey Maria,

      after reading your comment after another, how can you ever think that I can afford to be annoyed!
      You are magnanimous, you are so adorable.:)
      never have I been pampered so much and that too from the fairer sex 😛
      You are so beautiful in your thoughts that you can see beauty in mine too.
      This shows your big heart. I am so glad that we found each other.
      There’s so ,much to learn from you dear.
      Love you!

      • Thank you wonderful! 🙂 I am elated, and more humbled. And yes, honored too! 🙂

        I am very glad too, that we found each other in this wide blogosphere. The feeling to meet wonderful minds has nothing else equal to.
        Love you too! Keep in touch! 🙂

  11. really profound and full of heart n emotions
    an eternal optimist is what the world needs, to make it a better place 🙂
    wish u all the strength for all ur endeavours

  12. Roshan Sebastian

    Hi Rocky,,,,nice one,,,,inspiring work,,,,,keep going,,,and looking forward for all your future endeavours,,,

  13. Well lets say I am somebody who was called so by you at some point of time in our past when our paths had been entwined… 🙂
    I have taken no offence and deem that neither should you …That is if at all you are able to guess who I am…:)

  14. One more shade of your personality:RESILIENCE
    Really inspirational…Keep it up…

  15. nice to read motivational articles from real people than some self proclaimed mahatma 🙂 🙂

  16. awesome sweetheart…:):) I still wonder if its the same Pamela that I always knew of…….inspiring one..needed this big time these days…
    u will go heights dear fr sure:):)

    • Hahha! ofcoz it is the same. But u need to have beautiful eyes to see beautiful people!! 😛 just kidding! dont mind. I love you too sweetheart! n i know all ur gud will wud certainly make me go heights soon 🙂

  17. Motivational…

    Keep chasing the dream…

    • Than you. Yes i was running after it..just eluded me for a while..bt i think we will catch it soon until then Happy Failure! 🙂 Same Pinch!! 😛

  18. I am proud of you my dear…. And I am proud of myself that i have you in my life….
    Loads of love.

    Wonderful lines! 🙂

    • Yeah I am proud of myself n I am proud of u too 😛
      Love you too.

      P.S : Why does your blog always produce two lines of capcha ???
      n even then hesitate to accept my comment??? x(

  19. Brilliant.. Never knew you were such a marvelous writer…
    ATB.. Hope to read more …

    • Thanks for appreciating. N I hope you read more too 🙂
      But from your username i am confused abt ur identity… Would be pleases to know 🙂

  20. Daaaaaaaaaaaaadddyyyy!!!


  22. I love you Mummy… 🙂

  23. Really heart touching. I feel like crying. God bless you my baby.
    Faith on God and Hard work will definitely fetch you the best.
    Love you.

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