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Memories. Lots of Memories…
Memories Happy.
Memories Sad.
Memories that drive me mad.


Memories of homemade birthday cake.
I drift where my Memories take…

Memories of delight over birthday gifts.
Memories of friendship.
Memories of rifts.

Memories of growing up.
Memories of not growing old.
Memories of fairies and fables that Aesop told.


Memories of success.
Memories of tear.
Memories of hope.
Memories of fear.

Memories of tough troubled teens,
Abandoning castles,
Forsaking queens.
Memories of chimerical dreams…

Memories of meeting You.
Memories of knowing Myself,
like I never knew…

Memories of dusty Mays.
Memories of monsoon showers.
Memories of Gold autumn leaves.
Memories of the December flower.

Memories of Love.
Memories of lies.
Memories of memories,
to forget, my heart tries.


Memories of callow youth.
Memories of mellow womanhood.
Memories gloomy.
Memories good.

Memories of cramped confines of guilty minds.
Memories of precious loss.
Memories of priceless finds.

Memories playing truant with my heart.
Memories I still remember,
that long were gone, I thought.

Memories of a guileless face,
Memories of innocent eyes.
Memories of a genuine curve,
with bunny teeth peeping through the smile.

I look into the mirror,
it shows Me.
But I want it to show
A Happy Memory.

A Memory that I can take.
A Memory true, when Truth is Fake…

I blow the candles,
I cut the cake.
Another birthday dwindles
adding up a handful, to the Memory Lake.

m-blog-12 - Copy

Memories, writing down Life’s Stories.
of Young Birthdays
and Old Memories

I try figuring out…
Am I a Memory?
or the Memory of a Memory?


Nights of nothingness…

I cannot hear.
There are tears.
On the pillow.
Inside my ear-phones.

The same songs play again and again.
They are Korean and I don’t understand them.
So I choose to hear them now.

Inside my head like a typhoon, Thoughts rush.
Fears grip me, tears gush.

I thought I was Hollow. Empty.
But the tears had filled me all this while.

I stuff my pillow into my mouth and Scream.
My body aches.
The soul weeps.


The ceiling fan goes on.
And I stop.

I wish I hadn’t spoken up all that I said.
You thought I talk too much.
I wish I had spoken up just once for myself and told you how it hurts.
You thought I was being cruelly silent.

I want to sleep.
I want to wake up from a sleep.

I want to sweat my eye brows.
I don’t want to wet my eyes.

I want to work hard like a maniac.
I want to pray on bended knees.
I want to possess peace.
I want to smile on the way.
I want to cry on the victory stump.
I want to Believe.

But when faith shatters.
It hurts. It pains.
Everything real seems sinfully surreal.

I want to be different from who I have been.
I want to be indifferent to all that I have known-
Past, People, Pain.

I jump from the feigned sleep.
Tears on my pillow, in my hair,
in my ears, in my fears.
In my throat,
I choke.

I switch on the lights.
I gaze at the mirror.

Black rings encircling my eyes.
Somber, Silent , Scared eyes.

I shoo away my ghost,
I row my hair slowly like a river.
The waves seem soft.
while the world has hardened.

I put on the glasses over the tears.
but they haven’t helped me see through truth.

Forgive! My heart says!
Forgive yourself. Forgive them.

I grab the Lord’s picture on my table.
I cry.
I pray.
I bathe him with my tears.

I pick up my pen,
The words don’t flow.
There is silence in the ink

I write-
One more day of doing nothing.
One more day of being nothing.”



Rain! Rain Go Away. Little Honey wants to play!!

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It was a Rainy Day- but not any other rainy day it was. It was “Rajaa”. A special festival in Odia families that pampers girls. They wear new clothes. Eat a lot of delicacies prepared specially for the day. And most … Continue reading

Dear Sir…

Dear Sir,
Today as you ought to go,
Here’s something,
We want you to know…

Well yes!!  We are aware.
Accolades and adulation have always made you glare.

Humble as you have always been…
But this time we have got to say it and we are really keen.

We have experienced your commitment and honor to your duty,
We have witnessed you execute with courage, conviction and tenacity.

We have admired your powerful persona,
all pragmatic & par-excellence.
And we consider ourselves extremely privileged,
to have had your able guidance.

We will miss your fine example.
We will miss the wisdom you gave.
Our pleasant memories of you,
We will cherish and carefully save.

Well…Good byes are not forever.
& Good byes are not the end.
They simply mean we will miss you.
Until we meet again

So we wish you Dear Sir…
All success in whatever you do,
& we pray for your wellbeing all life through!!

This was a poem I wrote for a wonderful Teacher who taught more than just lessons to us. He Taught us Life. But I could never muster courage to give that to him on the last day of our class.
Yet that turned out to be a blessing in disguise, as I had to mail this to him later, when my friend coaxed me relentlessly. I got a wonderful reply that I have been reading for more than 300 times in the last 365 days that passed 🙂
His thoughtful reply has seen me go from success to failure with equal enthusiasm and equanimity. While his words echo in my ears…“Give yourself the freedom to fail and let the fear of failure not hold you back. Give it your best and let destiny decide the rest.”
Well Sir, I have given myself this freedom, much more than you could have ever advised me to 😛
But then despite those failures, I have always felt that atleast I haven’t held myself back!

Many teachers came and went by, while I went on from being shy to reticent.
Neither Me, Nor could they, create a space for each other in our heads and hearts.  They struggled to forget my name, as much as I do today to remember theirs! 😛  They made me feel pathetic, Terrible.

But Sir, with you…My Name becomes a symphony when you remember and call out. It’s a splendid surprise to think that amongst the thousands of students you have taught over the years, you cared to remember mine…

That moment I want to do all the hard work in the world and do all the Good work on this Earth and make you Proud of me…as much as I am proud of you today. And then I want you to remember my name for ever 🙂
And Sir, with this, you transform me from Terrible to Terrific.

Perhaps that is what a Teacher is all about… Pure and Godly.

So Sir, I wish… I live up to your hopes and…
this Teacher’s Day,
I just want to say..

The friend I had…

I can say the sorry.
But I won’t.
Because you can say it too
And you don’t.

That’s what I thought a few days back.
Before I knew I would be taken aback.

I was the first one to know when you went to meet her.
I was the first one to read your 1st love letter.

Now where have you gone? Why didn’t you tell me?
I am lonely without you, can’t you just see?

When you cheated, I was the one who was caught.
Kneeling down in the assembly and what not!

Drenching in the rain,
Jumping in muddy puddles
You promised me then,
“Together shall we cross all hurdles”.

You never even gave me a birthday gift ever.
Remember, those cards I made for you?
You would simply come back with those on my birthday and say,
“I can’t make anything better than this. So here, take it.

I’m giving you My bestest gift.” 🙂

I would run behind your cycle.
And you hardly gave me a ride.

But I was always ‘THE CHOSEN ONE’,
When you had dark secrets to confide.

Now, I want you to hear some too.
Tell me, Where are you?

People just smiled and said,
“Never change. Be the one you are”
But you would never hesitate
to show me the mud instead of the star.

It was then that I felt,
“With a friend like you, perhaps I don’t need an enemy!”

But little did I know,
That was how you made ME.

Today I confess,
You were never just wrong
And I was never just right.
But somehow that day we had the fight.

“Come on now!  I’m sorry, I admit.
Forgive me please and let’s end it.”

You were my friend when we didn’t know what a ‘Friendship day’ was.
You were my friend when I was the dumbest in the class.

You were my friend ever since I knew
But then you didn’t come back
coz I didn’t say sorry to you…

I wish I had told you so…
The last time we met.
I have been your friend for life.
How could you just forget?”

I hope it’s not that late…
Not too late to even regret.