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Once upon a MidNight…

The clock struck 12. The ominous moment had arrived. We glanced nervously at each other. Neither had done anything more sinister than this before. But we did not have the choice. The unimaginable had  already been done and there was no way it could be undone.

It could now only be hid under the darkness of the moonless sky. We had to act quick else the night would fade away.

The stench had been growing for a week now since we first shifted into this new apartment. We never knew we would be facing this.

Though god loving I had been equally satan- fearing. Signs and omens tested my faith in a flash and…I was forced to believe the unbelievable…

The day we shifted a big black cat jumped up on me while I was trying to climb up the stairs. I was knocked down hard as it jumped over me and disappeared into nothingness…

except for a few scratches and a broken hair clip all I could give myself was a pounding heart at the top of my throat.

But then I had to move on…though similar omens followed.

But now both drenched in cold sweat heaved the plastics extremely cautious not to leave any evidence of the ghastly act. The lights could be turned on in no condition as we struggled with the weight, the darkness and the stench…tottering through the 2nd..the 1st…and finally the ground floor…

ThumPP!! and ThuuuuDDD!!!

we RAN with the haste of the storm and the stealth of the breeze!!…


Gasp..gasp ..gasp…! Thank God nobody saw us…

Yet in the trauma of the macabre move I reminisced those peaceful days which now were a long lost dream…. 😦

I had asked my landlady..but she lied… I had talked to a few neighbours but they laughed at my “big issue”, I had requested the sweeper but she would refuse to open her mouth about it...Nobody in this new locality would tell me anything about it… until I met the laundry man…

He heard me right. Agreed to send someone who could be trusted with the

But in the end he eerily smiled…” Madam are you new in the neighbourhood?”….”That’s why? ”

that “that’s why” nearly choked my heart..”O dear lord..why the heck had I shifted!!” 😦

Seven days were too long for the countdown…

I would wait nervously at the door each morning since 5.00 before eventually moving out of the house. Nobody turned up…

the knowing dawned deep upon us that today was the day and tonight was THE night… the crawlers and wrigglers had begun to invade the rotting mass…The thought of it wrenched my stomach with dread and disgust.

But we somehow did it..

We gazed long at our accomplishment from the 3rd floor balcony… it wasn’t long before  somebody would pick “it” up and nobody “perhaps” would know who did it..except for that strange dog who sniffed us close!..

I looked at her and said…I never knew I would miss the dustbin so much!! eventually even we have joined the club of Delhi’s Rich and Famous!! 😛

The locality is all posh and pompous with a split ac in each room…a sedan for each of the members above 18…all sorts of smart gadgets fill all their lives and all exquisite jewellery adorn all their wives !! But somehow none of these multi millionaires have felt the need of a mere dustbin…

Each day each moment the rubble may come form anywhere and from any floor… aaaannnd adorn your freshly bathed body before proudly claiming its throne on the streets!! 😛

Here people unscrupulously, unhesitatingly and with such untellable joy aim their exclusive, extraordinary garbage onto the streets….as if playing holi. 😛

May be this is what is called being “Filthy” rich 

We waited for 7 long days in our zealous attempt of finding a community dustbin or even hire a scrap collector but to no avail!! and eventually we had to play the inevitable holi that night. 😦

It won’t be long before we wouldn’t need to wait for the night fall and play the holi audaciously in broad day light! God save me from turning savage. 😦

When Government is ‘deeply saddned‘ by the meager 74.04% literacy rate… I wonder what great statistics can transform such a ‘great‘ a Functional Literacy to as high a figure as this!

But I am no complaining citizen to stay dumb…

As I reminisce those days when I proudly declared….”I love My India and I strive to make it Clean and Green.” ….I wait for the community dustbin to turn up (for which I have requested the MCD lead)…or the angelical scrap collector to knock my door one fine day! 😀

Meanwhile I will just wait and pray that I am not compelled to repeat that sordid sin again!! 🙂

O dear lord may our deep dark secret….

……melt into a dandy dream…( a community dustbin  !!) Quick Please!!