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~ चाहत ~

तुम्हें चाहना तो मना था,
और पाना  जैसे ग़ुनाह ।  

न चाह  कर भी  चाह  लिया ,
न जाने ऐसा क्यों हुआ !
ज़िन्दगी इक ओर खींचती ,
और तुम खींचते इक ओर ,
बावली हो पड़ती मैं,
कि बह जाऊँ किस छोर। 
तुमसे ऊपर ज़िन्दगी को चुना ,
लगा आसान है। 
कहाँ मालूम मुझे,
मेरी बेपरवाह रूह बेईमान है !
न चाहकर भी तुम्हें चाहती ,
फ़िर ख़ुद को इसकी सज़ा सुनाती। 
उस  सज़ा के चार पल में भी,
तुम्हारे ज़िक्र का  दो लम्हां  चुरा लेती। 
मैं तुमसे प्यार न करूँ,
इसलिए खुद से लड़ लेती,
तुम मुझसे चाहत न रखो 
इसलिए  तुमसे भी झगड़ लेती … 
अपने आप से इस जंग में,
थक गयी, हार गयी मैं !
तुमसे परे कभी कहीं-कहीं …
में अपनी  ख़ुशी जब खोज लेती ,
“तुम माईने ही नहीं रखते,
ये खुद को साबित कर लेती”
माईने अगर तुम रखते नहीं ,
तो में किससे क्या साबित कर रही हूँ !?!
मेरे ज़हन में तुम्हारे ख़याल को मारती,
मैं क़तरा क़तरा मर रही हूँ। 
न जाने तुम्हें भूलने की चाहत में ,
में अपनी राहत खो बैठी,
सौ नुक़्स  निकाल लिए तुममें,
सौ गलतियाँ भी ढूँढ बैठी….
फ़िर  पता नहीं क्यूँ… 
आख़िर ,
उन गलतियों पर भी मुझे प्यार आया ! 


Oh! Prisoner of Pain!
Before you go insane!

Let that hatred come out,
Do not struggle to endure,
just shout.

chaste, unadulterated,
inevitable, unbridled!
Just HATE!


You think about your hatred,
to avenge, to torment,
to pay back pain
with pain.

You think about the anguish,
seething hatred in your heart,
day in- day out,
each moment without doubt.

So much so that,
you have never thought that much,
about your Love.

Love, your Love!
You remember it sometimes,
some whiles in a day.

But Hate, your hate-
you cannot just remember it.
It doesn’t leave your thoughts for an iota of time,
to return in remembrance at random whiles.

You do not stalk your Love.
You know it loves you,
as much as you do.

You stalk your Hate,
to assure yourself-
You hate it,
more than it could ever hate you.

Your Hate.
If he smiles a happy curve,
you put the world within you in cursing flames.
If he mourns a sad cry,
You put the skies into stars of celebration.

Ahh! Such magnanimity!
that you can even gift him yourself,
for he has made you happy by his defeat, his pain.
He has tasted today those pangs of pain,
that he once gifted you.

Oh Prisoner of Pain!
You have filled your heart,
with so much of hate,
that there’s no more space for it,
in your ‘Hate-chambers’

You wake up one day,
hating your hatred more-
only to see that hate has spilled into
your ‘Love-chambers’ few.

Hate, that hate,
was to banish love out of you.
But Love, your love.
Has let hate flourish too…


Love your Hatred?
Or curse your fate?

Oh Prisoner of Pain!
You have gone insane!

Look!Your Hate!
Hate resides in love.
Hate imitates love.
Hate intimidates love.
Hate surrenders to love.

Hate becomes Love-
The highest form of love.
Chaste. Unadulterated. Inevitable. Unbridled.


If somehow it could be so…

Remember this Spring when I sang?
You seemed unimpressed as I nervously began…


“You are the reason .
for the change of season.
for all the bliss blooming around…

How do I tell you?
How do I let you know?
In YOU what I found,

A Friend , a Soulmate.

I asked you Why.
As you replied with a sigh,
“Your Name is the loveliest Song.
Your Voice, is the sweetest Symphony.
When YOU are my addiction,
How then could your Song be?”...


But the Spring is gone.
And so is the Song.
The Autumn is yellowed,
A whitened winter is born.

And I reminisce your memories few…


Like a drop of dew I grabbed onto,
lost forever, lost YOU.
Like a tune I hummed, right from the soul- warm and true.
Lost the song,  lost YOU.

I thought I would go on, having ‘just’ lost you.
Little did I know
that the lost forever was ME not YOU.

And I reminisce YOU…


If somehow it could be so…
I could Love you the way you do
and the world wouldn’t know.

Somehow I loved you then.
Somehow I love you still.
Come what may,
but Love I will.

If somehow it could be so.
I could Love you the way you do
and the world wouldn’t know.

A million “bad-byes
but no “Final Farewell“.
No “beginning of an end
because Love leaves this trail…

This trail engraved in my soul,
swallowing me whole.
But just leaving that part with YOU,
That world could have snatched,
But luckily never knew.

If somehow it could be so.
I could Love you the way you do
and the world wouldn’t know…


Inspired by the story of a girl I met on the train.
We love.
but more often than not, Love chooses to be unkind.
We part ways.
but more often than not we part ways with ourselves.
We go on.
but more often than not Love is seldom gone.
It remains.
with our immortal remains.

And We Reminisce…

PS: She would always love You.

A Beautiful YOU

Know that you are Beautiful
If you can spread a smile.

Know that you are Beautiful
If you can wipe a tear from an eye.

Know that you are Beautiful
If you can love the lovely
as well as the loathful.

Know that you are Beautiful
If you receive and remember,
give and forget.

Know that you are beautiful
If you don’t bury your past
Rather learn from it and live.

Know that you are beautiful
If you cannot ever forget
Yet forgive.

And know that you are Beautiful
If you can love yourself.
Because you are the mirror that sees within,
And not the world that goes by golden sheen

No dream too distant…

Almost half a year gone by…when I had to relinquish all that i was passionate about in this world…except ‘that one dream’ which dragged me along this way…

The Day of Deliverance came and went …but the question mark remained as glaring as it ever could be… 😦

In the heat of the June Sun…squatting on one of the million  footpaths of Delhi…for not less than three hours that sunday…I was trying to figure out…”whether time changed me or I could change the time?”…

just 2 years back I could never imagine myself here…never crossing a street alone without panicking, never travelling places without biting off my nails…never fending for myself without grumbling about life….

But LO!

things change…and change they do…pretty fast!!!

Nibbling on the dry cake slices…trying to quell my rumbling stomach…I was nervous trying not to get nervous…

As I frantically turned the pages of my book…I was reminded of those days when daddy would stuff the pulaw into my mouth…rattling on formulas…

These breaks between 2 seatings of an exam would drive me nuts…all the more with tons of people around… pampering me with all their attention… 🙂

Now, there was no time to act jittery…no time to indulge in nervousness…

I was supposed to be a big girl and act like one as well… :P:(

I  couldn’t afford to cry…I couldn’t afford being a delicate darling…

I had to put up a brave face, manage a plastic smile….and epitomize nerves of iron …while the life changing moment awaited me…

There were some pretty sophisticated girls in there too…munching on sandwiches…enjoying the ac of their SUV…as I shook of the ants that fell upon me from the tree above…while I clung to the Footpath on the dirty newspaper…looking like one on a Hunger strike… 😛

But somehow it did not invoke even a tinge of sadness in me…I smiled at myself!

The day that I wished to live…would be the day… when I would pull down the window glass of my car to take a look at the country crowd…while they would consider me the raison’ d etre of their happiness and welfare….

and the day that is to get me this day, is the day I’m squatting on the footpath staring into this SUV…trying hard to see through the dark glass…thinking…”will that girl in there be able to make it to glory….will she see be able to see the burning problems of the people…never having tanned herself in the sun…”

Such a peculiar dream it was…it would lead me to a Crystal Palace ….but the pavement is full of shards of glass… and there’s only this one way…I’m not allowed any slippers ..nor do I have any iron feet…the only thing I can ask for and would be granted is an Iron will….

Now its time for me to choose…

But I want to go in…go in there desperately…coz if I dont..this dream would always remain a dream so distant, as painful when wide awake …as blissful when in slumber…. 😦

I will have to go…the Crystal Palace is calling me…

But so tough it is…they ask me “shed thy blood but never thy tear…”

And so I tread on…on shards of glass tearing my feet apart…but there’s immense pleasure…astounding bliss with each bleeding drop…and So I would never stop until I claim  that crystal throne in that crystal palace …”

…..The bell rung…time flew by…the bell rung again…

and I started walking…for one of the few times, knowing exactly where to go…fearlessly crossed d road…bargained with the auto-walla bhaiya..for every single penny…(earning and not earning had taught me the difference well !! 😛 )

Reached home…

Didn’t know how I had fared…and didn’t want to know either…

With every single moment…the anxiousness driving me crazy…i just wanted to survive with the hope I had borrowed from God..

It could be so..that I would be led to my Crystal Palace…It could be what I had long desired, It could be what I had long deserved….or it could simply be His grace…a miracle…

The rules are fair…but they are fairly tough as well…

It could be so..that they shoo me away rite at their doorstep….I might  have had trodden the tortuous path…I might have had shed my blood…

But they might say…I didn’t follow their rule…I shed my blood…but I might have shed my tear as well…

hmmmmm….a deep sigh was all I could afford to have….soaked in sweat, drenched with doubts…

But somewhere my heart said…”while worrying about the Life full of exams…I had somehow miraculously passed in the exam of life”… 🙂

I had learnt to be on my own…I had learnt to bear a frozen heart when things turned out exactly the opposite of what I wished for….I had learnt to burn in nervousness while braving the sweetest smile ever… 🙂

…I could see the crystal doors now…opening and closing at their fancy…

I could not see myself in there…But atleast I could see those doors..

I knew I wasn’t there yet…but I knew…it wasn’t far off either…and one of these days I was going to make it through that Crystal door….and claim that Crystal palace forever… 🙂 🙂

My dream may be distant…

but I am equally adamant… 😀

i have nurtured within me the patience to wait…

And i know …my Iron Will will change my fate…


No dream is too distant to achieve …

Only if you believe!!