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The friend I had…

I can say the sorry.
But I won’t.
Because you can say it too
And you don’t.

That’s what I thought a few days back.
Before I knew I would be taken aback.

I was the first one to know when you went to meet her.
I was the first one to read your 1st love letter.

Now where have you gone? Why didn’t you tell me?
I am lonely without you, can’t you just see?

When you cheated, I was the one who was caught.
Kneeling down in the assembly and what not!

Drenching in the rain,
Jumping in muddy puddles
You promised me then,
“Together shall we cross all hurdles”.

You never even gave me a birthday gift ever.
Remember, those cards I made for you?
You would simply come back with those on my birthday and say,
“I can’t make anything better than this. So here, take it.

I’m giving you My bestest gift.” 🙂

I would run behind your cycle.
And you hardly gave me a ride.

But I was always ‘THE CHOSEN ONE’,
When you had dark secrets to confide.

Now, I want you to hear some too.
Tell me, Where are you?

People just smiled and said,
“Never change. Be the one you are”
But you would never hesitate
to show me the mud instead of the star.

It was then that I felt,
“With a friend like you, perhaps I don’t need an enemy!”

But little did I know,
That was how you made ME.

Today I confess,
You were never just wrong
And I was never just right.
But somehow that day we had the fight.

“Come on now!  I’m sorry, I admit.
Forgive me please and let’s end it.”

You were my friend when we didn’t know what a ‘Friendship day’ was.
You were my friend when I was the dumbest in the class.

You were my friend ever since I knew
But then you didn’t come back
coz I didn’t say sorry to you…

I wish I had told you so…
The last time we met.
I have been your friend for life.
How could you just forget?”

I hope it’s not that late…
Not too late to even regret.