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Rain! Rain Go Away. Little Honey wants to play!!

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It was a Rainy Day- but not any other rainy day it was. It was “Rajaa”. A special festival in Odia families that pampers girls. They wear new clothes. Eat a lot of delicacies prepared specially for the day. And most … Continue reading

As YOU sow, So shall THEY reap

You draw with henna on their hands
You braid their hair with colorful rubber-bands.
You dress them up sometimes, as a tiny bride.
You caress them to sleep in peace,by your side.

You giggle as you watch them grow,
From nursery rhymes in kindergarten.
to poetry in school.
From crushes in college
to a Love-smitten fool.

You teach them to be a wife,
A daughter, a sister,
and a Mother like you.
Because life’s tests would be many later,
But, the lessons very few.

You sow them with love..
You water them with tears..
You nourish them with culture
You teach them to face their fears.


So that one day when they grow bigger than you ever thought..
Spreading their branches away from your flowering pot..

their flowers blossom,
their fruits bloom.
But in an unknown garden
leaving you behind in gloom

Gone is your little Bride
Someone else claims her,
She is someone’s big pride.

Now, you are a mere spectator Mother,
THEY are the owners of your Treasure.


Gone is your lifetime investment,
Gone is your masterpiece,
Gone is she,
robbing all your bliss.

This is what is life you accept..
As YOU sow, So shall THEY reap..

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Under the Umbrella…

Just another day it was…certain things had decided to fall into place and certain things decided to make me fall…a certain some decided to give me  a tough fight…and a certain some gave me their indifference…

The rain menace had broken out in Delhi…and it had made me feel its soggy presence…with all the muddy thoughts and murky moments breaking into my never easy mind… wet emotions hanging onto my eyelids…all too heavy to stay and all to shy to dribble down…

I had firmed up my dream and had prepared myself to live it…believe it…

Alas!Bright beginnings also leave behind grim goodbyes… 😦

But then i feel…

…Good byes are not forever… & Good byes are not the end… They simply mean… I will miss you… Until we meet again… 🙂

So I shook off the droplets and prepared myself to say good bye.. 🙂

She came home from office and she called me up to drop in  a Hello…I decided I would cook for her…Ya Paneer Do pyaaza would be great… It had been quite a while that we had shared a meal together..certain things had taken their toll on us…a lot of cob webs had grown in…making us see each other….but then somehow be far apart…

We might have forgotten to share a hearty laugh…but we never forgot to share the moments that made our hearts moan… And may be that was something which kept us together… always running parallel to each other like railway tracks… 😀

With a last sprinkle of Kasoori Methi..the aroma of the paneer wafted straight into my hungry stomach..as I hadn’t eaten the entire day… She came home and we carried the kadhais and saucepans into her flat…

Then there was no holding back…we both munched on greedily…I felt happy that she liked my stuff…She always does that…and it’s people like her who make me feel like the Chef of Le’ Meridien! 😛

All the possible things under the sun were discussed..perhaps all the possible things under the moon…or the sky or the clouds..ooorrrr Whatever!!..

But it still wasn’t the end…

We always have taken a so called small stroll after every supper….so why not today??…

It was raining… she wanted to get wet…and me too…

As we set out splishing splashing in the apartment compound…the drizzle began to splish-splash a bit harder too….

Just a glance at each other..and we knew an Umbrella walk would be the best walk ever!!..

She had two umbrellas…we got them..and set out undeterred by the rain….

As the rain poured on..the conversation poured in tooo… 10/10/’10...was her birthday…and we set out chalking up plans that required all God’s mercy to materialize…. But sometimes its just so revelling to put up picture-perfect promises…cook up castles in air…even when you know..you ought to be kidding yourselves to make that true… 😛

But sometimes just being promised of peace and hope ushers in sooo much solace…that even fulfilled promises find hard to… 🙂

And all I knew was that..she knew...

Then there were lights beneath the Peepal tree, casting bizarre shadows on the wet concrete tiles…the smell of rain-& mud- & night… and of course a Nokia with a 3.2 Mega pixel camera….. What on earth could stop girls from launching a full fledged photo shoot!!! 😛

We took pictures of each other….less being captured in the cell and more of it into our hearts….

We had had our shares of ups and downs…but may be thats what gave us the eyes to see through each other..when I was down with darkness all around …I knew I could look up to her and when I would bask in the glory of my accomplished dream…I would know…deep down somewhere she would be happy for me…

A few determined drops had trickled down our sleeves…fighting their way through the Umbrellas…my feet were puffy and cold….but I didn’t feel wet…

Rather the drizzle had a soothing effect on me…As if it had cleansed me…from the fears that i had clung on to…washed me off from the notions that had been docked in my heart for an year now…. 😀

Freed from the drosses of my mind I felt united with myself… I had got back my kindergarten days when I had soo little of conceptions and none of the misconceptions… those days when I would soil my white sport shoes jumping into rain filled rivulets running along the road….making yucky faces at the earthworms…..Coming home and promptly lying to Mommy about how there was no space on the road to walk without being wet!! 😛

I let go of myself in the rain…

We repeated those never attempted promises that we had been prattling since September 2009…. Ya we would definitely go the Doll Museum..she had promised to take me there… and then there was a new Amusement park In Gurgaon…I would certainly take her there….

Jut having said so… felt indescribably great….we had lost sense of time….

At 10:00 we put an end to our Umbrella walk…

I left her at her place in the first floor…Good byes were a bit easy now….

I entered the elevator….pressed the 5 button and hummed a few lines from my perpetually poetic heart…. 😛

Let the drops cleanse my heart today.                                                   Let me rinse my soul.                                                                                     Let me pick fragments today.                                                                   Tomorrow let it take me whole.

OMG!! that was great!!…but then I was no Shakespeare ???!! ….Sooooo I shook off the couplet and yelled at the top of my lungs!!!

UNDER THE PINK UMBRELLA….                                                                 GO ROLLY AND PAMELAAA…!!! 😛


lllllaaaa laaaa laaaaaa !!!!! 😛