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The Versatile Blogger Award! Thanks a ton Tazein!

Here comes my second award. I am so happy to be called the VERSATILE BLOGGER! #IamGrinning 😀 😀
Thank you Tazein ! You took me by surprise and what a lovely surprise it was!

Toeing Tazein’s line- Following RULES.

1. Display the Award logo on your Blog.

2.Announce your win with a post and thank the blogger who nominated you.
Did that already 😉

3.Present deserving bloggers with the Award.
My 10.
1. White Pearl
2. randomlyabstract
3.Funky Writer
4. Dancinmoma
5.Jennifer Seifert 
8.Uncomfortably Honest And Honestly Uncomfortable
9.ESGEE Musings
10.Hanne T. Fisker

4. Link your nominees in the post and let them know of their nomination with a comment.
Yes. will do that soon.

5.Post 7 things about yourself.

PS’ Seven Symptoms.
1. I am a Girl.
I am fragile- handle me with care.
I am tough- test me if you dare. 😀
2. I am in search of some lasting happiness, hidden in a dream, underneath the    skies of Mussoorie.
3. I am a Marriage Martyr since december2012 😦
4. I am an Bachelor of Arts in Engineering 😉 (if any such branch exists). Software engineer by compulsion. Sociologist by choice.
5. I have parents who put little effort in naming me. Hence I have a weird pet-name which is mostly confused to be my pet’s name. Refer Honey Gets Funny to know more.
6. I aspire to be an author someday. But I guess people will read my stuff posthumously, out of sympathy for the poor-soul-who-died-without-being-famous! Huh!!
7.My blog is like my baby. My brainchild. If one day this website crashes and my thoughts are lost- I will go Insane. Yes insane for sure!

If you are not yet bored and still eager to know more about this famous personality. 😛 please visit- If Ignorance is Bliss. It has to be This!

Done! Now off to mailing my nominees. 🙂