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This New Year…

31622400 seemed just a pretty big number…
until today when I began to ponder…

So many precious seconds just slipped away..
While i kept wondering..”Whether I could??

                                                   Whether I should??..

                                                                                     Whether I may??”

But with this New Year dawned a beautiful beginning,
When I had to grab the seconds and tried to make life “Happen”!

Change seemed quite imposible,
When suddenly i saw a way visible.

I just have to promise to keep my promises alive..
Never wait for a tomorrow and today I have to strive…

Today! I wont wait for somebody to show me the way
Taking Life by the reins, I will take a bold lead..
Just a bit of “Belief” is all that I need…

With an iota of confidence..
I will march forward with prudence…

I haven’t spoken up for myself yet..
and I wont do it even today…
My perseverance will earn me the right moment..
When what needs to be spoken my actions will say..

Brimming with this dedication that I have never felt before..
I know I can challenge all challenges..and be ready for more…

By doubling my efforts while basking in ardent zeal…
Im certain success will be no big deal..!!

This New Year!!

P.S:  The balls on the top two ramps represent the minutes and the balls on the bottom ramp represent the hours in the pic above.