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~ माँ तुम पर बड़ा गुस्सा आता है ~

माँ तुम पर बड़ा गुस्सा आता है।
तुमको पनीर , खीर, मिठाई क्यों कुछ नहीं भाता है। 
इतनी दूर चलकर  मैं थक जाती हूँ ,
फ़िर भी तुममें , ज़रा सी थकान  नहीं देख पाती हूँ। 
तुम ही बताओ कैसे ? 
तुमपे बड़ा गुस्सा आता है !
हर बार ये पूछती रहती हो ,
” क्या पहनूँ ? पड़ोसी  ये पूछे तो क्या कहूँ ?
तुम्हें क्या कहना है , क्या करना है.. 
तुम खुद क्यों नहीं सोच पाती हो ?
तुमने तो PhD की है,
फिर ख़ुद क्यों न निर्णय लेती हो !
हाय तुमपे बड़ा ग़ुस्सा आता है !
त्यौहार पर चुन चुनकर अपने लिए साड़ियाँ लाती हो। 
फ़िर कहती हो पसंद नहीं और हमें थमा जाती हो। 
माँ तुमपे बड़ा गुस्सा आता है !
अपनी डायबिटीज की रिपोर्ट छिपाकर ,
घर पे गुलाबजामुन बनती हो ,
कह तोह रही हूँ, हमें मिठाई पसंद नहीं ,
फ़िर भी हमें ख़िलाती हो। 
तुमपे बड़ा गुस्सा आता है !
जितना हमारा करना था , तुम कर चुकी। 
अब हमारे बच्चों का हमें क्यों नहीं करने देती ?!
बालों में डाई लगाकर , फ़िरसे क्यों मम्मी बन जाती हो ?!
माँ तुमपे बड़ा गुस्सा आता है! 
मुझे अपने बग़ल में सुलाती हो। 
रोते पोते को गोदी में झुलाती हो। 
“बुढ़ापे में नींद कम आती है”,  ये कहती हो। 
 कैसे यक़ीन करूँ तुम्हारा ? कितनी झूठी हो !
मुझे नए कपड़ों का शौक़ है , तो तुम्हें सीलने का। 
मुझे लिखने का शौक़ है,  तुम्हें कवितायेँ सुनने का। 
जब देखो हमारे पीछे लग जाती हो। 
ऐसा कौनसा इनसान होगा जिसकी अपनी आकांक्षाएँ न होती हो ?
माँ तुमपे बड़ा ग़ुस्सा आता है !
जहाँ हम चल न पाएँ , वहाँ तुम दौड़ जाती हो। 
क्या साबित करना चाहती हो ?
कितना दिखावा करती हो !
माँ तुम झूठी हो !
हमारे मींटिंग्स होने पर ,
ख़ुद टैक्सी से घर आ जाती हो। 
” इंडिपेंडेंट ” होने में मज़ा ही अलग है , कहती हो।
कितना शर्मिंदा जो करती हो। 
माँ तुमपर बड़ा ग़ुस्सा  आता है !
ज़िन्दगी अपनी , दूसरों के लिए जीती हो। 
रोती हो उस बात पर जो हमपर बीती हो। 
क्या तुम त्याग की देवी हो  ?
ना माँ , तुम झूठी हो !
माँ तुमपर बड़ा गुस्सा आता है ,
के आख़िर तुमको ग़ुस्सा क्यों नहीं आता है ?!

An Ode to a heavenly couple on earth!!

23rd June got to be a big day…because 25 years back in the year 1986  two strikingly different people made a strikingly same move… they strangled  each other with an alarming weapon of biological warfare…!! 😛

But if something great happened out of it…it was MY inception… 😛

The guy was crazy…could have discovered a “Satpathy’s 4th Law”….challenging the 3 that Newton had discovered ages back…!! but with due regards to Newton..he stopped ! Modesty has always been his ingrained virtue… 😛

The gal— nothing less than a pretty damsel,learnt to tackle the threads of his psyche physics and sew it into a romantic chemistry!!…

The bold Lass, learnt to master d ‘Home Science’…took d  bull by the horns…errr :P…and flipped the Head with the Tail (that follows her always)…and now she’s the HOD! (Head of my Daddy) 😛

He would fool her with all the sweet nothings in d world..

.”the Loreal and Lakmé don’t deserve to touch your lovely face my dear….

U are a marvel among God’s masterpieces…and u better not fool around with his design!!…

The gold..the silver and the diamonds appear like trinkets in your sapphire gaze…please don’t embarrass  them with your ruby red face..!!…

The silk, the brocade shy away from the sheen of your golden skin…why force them on dear??!!”  🙂  😀

And Lo!

She would gently abide..pretending to have believed every bit, making peace with the fact that she loved being fooled!!…and what a fool he was to have thought that God created Beauty…and beauty alone.. with no brains….!!

She would toss her part too…

She would know he forgets everything..

the taste…the smell…the day..the night…

But Nope! he would never ever have her out of sight…

Now it was her turn to fool him with all her might!! 😛

Some grass she would cook…

and give one damn enticing look…!! 😛

he would then relish it like the ambrosia from heaven…

reveling in her gaze from 7 till 7… 🙂 😛

Fooling each other and being delighted fools…

They would formulate their own LoVe RuLeS !!…

Yeah,,If Ignorance is bliss …

then it has to be THIS!!

hmmmm..a nice long song….:P 😛

and interestingly enough apart from sharing their lives..their souls…their breath with each other..they would also share the same Bday cake…!!

The whacky guy born on 26th of Jan and his ‘jaan’ on the 27th..they would merrily munch the same cake on the midnight of 26th…when the world slumped in slumber…and the 26th stealthily transformed into a 27th..as HE transformed into a SHE and a she into THEY…..:)

…..And Then someday… the guy and d gal got to have to have 2 kids…The kids were great…atleast not as crazy as them! 😛

But that would not suffice…They had a hobby of borrowing kids..be it the neighbour’s or the family’s…and just any size would do!!…

(NOTE: All characters in the pic below are real and true to the best of my knowledge..but the turnkey is… each one is borrowed and none is the biological offspring of the two !! :P)

….well then 25 silver years passed by…the fights would melt into laughter…the tears would transform into long serene beaches of tacit understandings…the sweat they put into the relation would sublime into estates of eternal bliss…..

and the story would go on….

their would be no ‘your family’..’my family’…

there would be no ‘you better understand that’…..

but there would be only ‘us’…’ours’ and ….

“we can brave all storms together… no matter what..”…

and the story would go on… and on..

the  sonnet would be unsung…

but they will never forget the tune….

Februaries will come and go….

but they would always celebrate the June…

This June, the Big day came and silently went by…There were no celebrations, no gifts , no parties…there were no kids..neither their own ..nor d borrowed ones…. 😛

Just that worrying about all the things in and around them ..they had no time to worry about something about them…

But they knew …very well knew..that love does not need any reason to celebrate…love does not need a date to glorify its existence…love does not need any pompous poem to weave a ballad…..

Love just knows… that it grows…and that it goes on…

” life is a celebration of togetherness…”

He knows that she knows…

and she knows that..even if she doesn’t know…she still knows…

….because he believes that she knows…..

…that there would come many such 25 years of togetherness…no greed of gold…no quest for platinum…nor appetite for any diamond…

JUST this silver….humble..modest and sublime….

Just this silver…humming the love ‘ lovely story’…of an ordinary two…

…….I remember…I and my sister, asking Mom..“.whom do you love most…? Dad or ME?…”  she would gently chuckle and say..” YOUR Dad”…because he gave me you,…. 🙂

….their  sonnet would be unsung…

but they will never forget the tune….

the Februaries will come and go….

but they would always celebrate the June… 🙂